Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum

I have lived with my under eye dark circles for over ten years until I found the body shop moisture white shiso serum.Initally I was reluctant to pick up this product as nothing has ever worked for my stubborn dark circles.But after using it for over 2 months I am very confident to say that its doing an amazing job.


Here is what the products claims to do:-
An easily-absorbed gentle serum that leaves a moisturising film on the skin surface leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

How I use it:- I only take one small drop on my ring finger and dab it around the upper and lower contours of my eyes and pat it gently with my ring finger and voila! it absorbs into my skin straight away the formula itself is so lightweight and gentle that I don't even feel that I actually have it on.

I must say it does not fade the eye circles in few days instead It takes at least a month of devotion towards this product to see the difference I only use it at night time and my dark circles have faded away to an extent that I don't wear eye make up all the time to hide them anymore but I will not stop using it as it's a part a my daily night time regimen.

Key ingredients:-

Vitamin C, Organic Aloe Vera, Shiso extract

 Light weight

Absorbs quickly
Non greasy
Does work (give it a month at least)
Long lasting (15mls goes a long way)
One drop does the job (yes only one drop for both eyes)
Suitable for all skin types.

Expensive 15mls for $39.95 
Bottle is not transparent so I find it difficult to tell how much is left
Takes a while to show results.

Few things you can also do which I don't to avoid dark circles
Drink plenty of water
Sleep like a baby
Avoid stress

Will I buy it again:- Yes
Do you use an eye serum?which one?

Check out for this serum here.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Violet box February 2014

Another day another box has landed at my door step this morning.If you don't know what violet box is it's a subscription service that provides 4-6 premium beauty and lifestyle samples for the price of $22.95 a month.

This is my first violet box.I paid for the box on the 19th of this month and received it this morning that's the quickest I have ever received a subscription box.

Enough of me talking now lets see what's in the box

First of meet my new besties "The one stick" & "Eye crayon" both by BE A BOMBSHELL (full size).

The all in one stick is for eyes,lips and cheeks.My color is "SOUTHERN BELLE" it's quite a pinky color which is my all time favorite.

Second of Metallic Eye crayon in "hang over" is very soft in textures love the bit of shimmer in it. And ofcorse the packaging too.Great thing I don't need to sharpen it at all.According to the card that came along with my box I supposed to get a lip crayon but I somehow ended up getting eye crayon.Well, I don't mind I already have heaps of lip crayons so I'm happy with what I got.

Up next another one of my favorite brand NUXE creme nirvanesque claims to smoothes,de-stresses,relaxes first expression lines But at this stage i don't need this product and will give this one away.

APHELIA oasis acne solution (on left) comes in a small sample size bottle for acne and blemishes.I'm looking forward to use this product as I do breakout quite every now and than. It also came with a $10 voucher which i think is great.

RED CARPET KOLOUR (2x sachets) all over body glow came in sachets grrrrrr wayyyy too small and I don't like sample sachets but the product says to cover the imperfections such as pigmentation,veins,cellulite,stretch marks,age spots and wrinkles.I wish if this was a decent size sample as I have few imperfection that needs to be treated but this is not enough at all.Mine is in medium color.

Oh the last one WOTNOT natural organic wipes sample size only I love these wipes and will take them with me when I'm traveling.
Overall this box was ok I'm on love with my 2 bombshell products that's all and a lollypop....

Did you receive your box? Did you receive anything exciting?


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bellabox february 2014 review

My 3rd bellabox arrived on one cloudy morning this week and I was very excited as "RED CARPET READY" was theme of this month but when I opened the box here is what I received instead of the products that bellabox was advertising on Facebook.

Aveda be curly curl enhancer- I have frizzy,curly and dry long hair.The products says that it prevents frizz and offers a healthy high shine finish.So I'm happy to give it a go.I have used aveda products in past and loved them.$15.98

Bioderma sebium pore refiner-Well I have some pores around my nose and have been wanting to try this for a while now and have walked pass it couple of times at Priceline pharmacy.I'll start using it and see if it makes any difference.$16.50

Om she aromatherapy milk cleanser contains organic rose hip oil I have never used a milk cleanser so I might try this.$3.11
Om she aromatherapy liquid eye liner (full sized product) in CHARCOL color.I have jet black eyelashes so I'm not really keen on trying this eye liner.$13.95

Romy eucalyptus & lemongrass body lotion a very small size sample that you would normally get at any hotel you will visit.
BONUS Swisspers naturals aloe daily moisturizer SPF 15 in sachet.$0.55

In total i received 6 samples one being full sized product.I know the box only cost $15 including shipping but Something that really bugs me is ending up receiving different products than what's been advertised.

Overall, I'm happy to try some of these products but I think BB should stick to there words and deliver what they promise.

What do you guys think of this months bb?Did you receive anything similar to what I have?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My very first blog and post

Hello all,

Welcome to my little place where I'll write anything about me and my passion for beauty & fashion and the other random stuff that fancy me.

It's been almost 3 years since I have been wanting to start my own blog,,,yup 3 long years.Only two things that always held me back was "what if people wont like my way of writing""what if nobody will read my blog" but that fear has finally vanished away.SO THATS IT.

Anyways to start off with I will be doing a review on my Bellabox so be sure to come back and see what's in February box.