Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lust Have It March 2014

A small package wrapped very unprofessionally in a bubble bag finally found its way to my mailbox yesterday afternoon causing me extreme disappointment and leaving me with writing this post.Before I say anything more lets see what I actually received this time.

Yup thats all I got tiny little samples and two full size products a chap stick and a Bloom Eye Definer.LHI asked on Facebook What people would like to receive this month out of Bloom Concealer kit or Bloom Eye Definer?Well since the choice was given I asked for Bloom Concealer Kit and as you can see I obviously did not get that instead I ended up with Eye definer that I wont bother using in DARK BROWN colour.

Klara Kiss Proof Lips 05:- On the card it says KLARA GREEN APPLE PEEL SENSITIVE (A Typo mistake).I'am a queen of bright colours and I'm looking forward to put this much raved product to test.

Chaptick Strawberry Lip Balm SPF 15:- As much as I like lip balms I don't like to see them in beauty boxes especially the one that I can pick up on my grocery shopping.

Orly nail polish in Color Hair Band:- Seriously GLITTERS? when everyone else got beautiful bright colours.

Aveda Intensive hydrating Mask:- I Love Aveda products but not the size of there samples.Its way too small only 7ml and unfortunately my tube is half empty.

Recoverlyte  by Gastrolyte :- Tropical Flavoured Powder Drink. I don't have late nights anymore I'm usually in bed by 9 pm so No Thanks.This is a big NO NO in a Beauty Box.

Overall I'm not happy with this months package at all and hoping that next month would bring some changes.

Have you received your LHI box/package? Are you happy with it?

**Not a sponsored Post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Aww its so disappointing for the price!

  2. I'll wait and see what they bring up next month otherwise I'll sign up and pay bit more somewhere else like wantable or lip factory. Samples are way too small including orly nail polish it only looks big in the picture...

  3. It's a shame you weren't happy with your box. The only exciting thing seems to be the lipgloss!

  4. Is it supposed to be beauty box or what?

    Anyway, I nominate you for Liebster Award on my blog. Please take a look here: G'day! ^^

    1. Exactly
      Thanks gorgeous I'll get on it soon
      Means a lot