Saturday, 26 April 2014

BellaBox April 2014 Review

Yes I know I said March BellaBox was going to be the last one but guess what I have been cheeky,,,went back and signed up once again.I had to I'm quite addicted to the subscription boxes at the moment.They make me happy or sad thats the different story.Anyways Moving on to the April BellaBox this months theme is AUTUMN WINTER STYLE.The Box contains products that I really needed.Here are the products came in my Bellabox. 

Dirty Works Hand Cream 100 ml RRp $5.95 (Full Size):- I have been looking for a nice hand cream since I have run out of my Rituelle's organic hand cream so this is going straight on my bed side table.I almost picked up this cream from Coles last week and than for some reasons put it back and picked up Body Butter instead from this brand.It smells Beautiful and will last for a while.

Red Earth Lip Lustre Multidimensional Lip Glass RRP $16.00 (Full Size):- Yes it says "Glass" on the packaging as well as on the info card.I seem to be getting this colour a lot lately in my beauty boxes and sadly its not my colour so I did not bother opening it and will give it away.My colour is 03 Red Quartz.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream 17.0 g RRP $14.95:- I'm so glad that I actually got this cuticle cream than a lip balm.I really needed one and this came just at right
 time.I have used few products from burt's bees and have never been disappointed.

Indio Skin Tonic Spritz 200 ml RRP $44:- I have not used toner in a while now so it was a nice surprise to see it in a subscription box.Its for all skin types and this one is a 30 ml active toner comes in a spray bottle.

Indio Eye Rinse 15 ml RRP $67.20:- I love using eye products and never get sick of them but this one seems quite expensive to me I have 5 ml sample here.It's an Anti -Ageing eye cream contains SPF and concealing properties which I think is awesome.The formula is bit similar to the colour of my foundation but as soon as you put it on it blends really well into the skin and does not show up the colour of the cream.I would not mind using it as a base.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 30 ml RRP $25.95:- They are small little sachets in 4 different shades.The foundation comes in 3 forms Liquid,Pressed Powder & Loose Powder.I honestly love the idea of getting few shades of foundations to try at home.Sometimes due to the lightening effect I find it hard to match the foundation to my skin so I'll  definitely try these out.

Overall I'm happy with the selection of the products in the box and will use all the products except the lip gloss.

By the way Bellabox another subscription box I'm signed up to.The subscription cost $15 a month with free shipping Australia wide.

Have you received your BellaBox what are your thoughts on to this months box?

**This is not a sponored product.


  1. u hv got nice bunch of products in the box.. i loved the lip glass :)

    1. This box is much better than the other boxes I have received
      I have not even opened the gloss I have the same color from different brand it really looks nice though

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