Thursday, 24 April 2014

Liebster Award #2

Wow One month 2 Liebster awards and I could not be more happier.This time I have been nominated by the beautiful Dani from Kaboom! Cosmetics. You can check out my first Liebster Award and learn what Liebster award is as well as see what the rules are here.The only difference is that this award is only for the new bloggers with followers under 200.

Here are my 11 Q/A's

1. Would you rather wear a bright lip or a bold eye?
Bright One I love dark colours.

2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
Curry Ice-Cream was the weirdest I have ever eaten,,,Its was not really bad..

3. Favourite holiday destination?
 NewZealand I have been there twice and would go back over and over.Its so peaceful and beautiful that anyone would fall in love with it.

4. Do you have a pet, if so, post a picture. If not, post a picture of a cute animal anyway!
I don't have one but my best friend Maggie has a cat and his name is jacob (sorry I don't have his picture).

5. In the city/town you currently live in, where is your favourite place to eat out?
I live in melbourne and we often go to Rivers Of Yarrambat that is like 10 minutes away from our place. I love the food,surroundings and of course my little man adores the duck pond there.

6. Name the one makeup or beauty item you couldn’t live without.
My favorite is Benefits Hello Flawless Foundation I hope they will never discontinue this product.

7. What nail polish, if any are you currently wearing?
Black Diamond by Loreal Paris

8. What is your favourite book or series of books?
NONE I find it hard to concentrate.

9. Flats or heels?

10. In the movie of your life, who would play you?
My Sister Ruby.

11. Name 3 of your favourite bloggers.
Dani (Not because she nominated me I actually love the way she writes its a new blog you should check it out)

Now I nominate all of you 9 gorgeous girls instead of 11:-

And Your Questions are:-

How long have you been blogging for?
Where do u see yourself in 5 years time?
Whats your favourite TV show?
What's your eye colour?
Whats your favourite lipstick brand?
Blogs you read?
What do you do in your free time?
Who's your all time favourite Actor?
Who's your all time favourite Actress?
Mascara or Eyeliner?
One thing you love about blogging?

Once again thank you Dani for nominating me and I would love to read your answers if you do the Q/A's don't forget to tag me on Instagram/Twitter or leave me a comment here.
Have Fun


  1. Loved reading ur answers.. Congratulations on the award.. May u receive many more in future xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for your nomination Varinder. :D xx
    I'm also a flats girls. I only wear heels to special events and cannot wait to take them off!

    1. My pleasure
      Glad to hear we have something in common xx

  3. Great work on your nominations! Your layout is excellent. All the very best.
    Trish_D from BH.

  4. Love your answers! Curry ice cream sounds interesting, did you try that while travelling? x

  5. No not while traveling I have a Japenese friend who once made it while went to her place for dinner ,apparently there is a shop in Japan somewhere where they make different sorts of curry ice creams I forgot the name if the place ,,the taste was quite weird and I would not try it again lol...

  6. Thanks for the nomination!! Curry ice cream does sound quite interesting, I'm not sure if I am that brave! lol =]

    Here is my post for the nomination hun!

    1. It was not bad but I would not recommend trying it lol

  7. Thanks again sweety for the nomination.
    Here are my answers-

    1. My pleasure
      Enjoyed reading your answers x

  8. Thank you for nominating me Varinder! Loved reading your answers x

  9. You are welcome
    Can't wait to read ur answers

  10. I don't know how but I only just noticed that you had tagged me, so here are the answers to the questions you asked. :)

    Thank you.