Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lust Have It April 2014

Hello Everyone,

Here is my April Lust Have It Box Pack.Yes no more boxes and say hello to the new packaging.Cute Eh?
I had no plans to review April BOX package since it was too late I mean seriously april package turning up in may was so annoying but the packaging made up for it.I like this medium size clear plastic pink bag its great for travelling and will drag it with me when I will travel.

Oh and by the way LUST HAVE IT have introduced a new form now that you can fill up and choose  an item that you would like to see in your package not like the last time that asked on Facebook and some people did not get what they asked for and I was one of them too.Anyways lets see what's in my bag.

The only full size product in the bag is this lip/cheek stain.We were given the choice of a primer or a lip/cheek stain since I have few primers already I went for the stain.This one has a gel consistency and is faded red in colour.I'm looking forward to use this in coming days.

This is not a full size product I got 3.0gr however LUST HAVE IT announced earlier that this was going to be a full size product.On the card came along with the box it says 10g full size Typo ERROR?I have heaps of bronzers already so I really feel bad opening it and then leaving it to sit in my stash.I have decided to keep it for my giveaway I'm sure somebody will be happy to use this.

WOTNOT WIPES $7.95 for 25 wipes (sample size):-
These are really my favourite organic wipes and comes very handy when taking off everyday's makeup so they will be used in no time.The great thing about these wipes are that they even take off waterproof mascara as well as the rest of your makeup and yes they are organic.

BIODERMA NOURISHING CREAM $29.95 for 200ml (sample size):-
I already have this one and its great for travelling too.

AVEENO DAILY MOISTURISING LOTION $9.99 for 225ml (sample size):-
I have used this moisturising lotion before and I'll happily use this one again.

So thats all in April package.Unfortunately,I'll score this package 1.5/5 considering the late arrival,typo error,one full size product and repitive products.

Have you received you April PACKAGE yet? What did you get?
Leave me a link in comments and I would love to check out your review.

**This is not a sponsored product.

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