Thursday, 22 May 2014

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks Review

Gone are the days when women only used to have limited number of lipsticks I remember 20 years ago my mum only had 2 lipsticks from a same brand but these days there are so many brands available out there who are bringing out great quality lipsticks at affordable prices and SHANGHAI SUZY is one of them too.As soon as they released new collection few months back I ordered 8 lipsticks straight away for $65 (I think).Transaction went smoothly and my package came in 2 days very nicely wrapped along with a hand written note.

Shanghai Suzy is a lipstick only brand and was founded by former melbourne model Joanna Wheaton.Lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal derived ingredients.They have two types of formula's available "Matte and Nourish".I went for Matte.

 Here are the 6 colours I have with me right now as soon as the package arrived my mother in law also fell in love with 2 colours so I handed over 2 of the lipsticks to her.Colours are suitable for every age group see I have some nudes and some bright colours too.

From L-R

Miss Simone (Baby Coral)
Miss Sophie (Lilac)
Miss Amy (Baby Pink)
Miss Sarah-Jane (Neon Coral)
Miss Maxima (Burnt Orange)
Miss Melissa (Hot Pink)

I love the packaging Its Black in colour and is very stylish for its price.Every lipstick comes with a unique name written underneath the Lipstick packaging which I think is really a cool idea.All my lipsticks are matte/semi matte,highly pigmented and contains Hubba Bubba scent inspired by Grape Flavoured Bubblegum.

On to the Formula Miss Sophie and Miss Amy has extremely matte finish I absolutely struggled to blend them in.They just would not blend in no matter what I do.I have tried bloating paper technique,exfoliating my lips prior to putting the lipstick on, I have tried layering 2-3 times I have also tried putting a small amount of lip balm underneath but both lipsticks will just sit on my lips and has very chalky texture so they both really disappointed me to the max also they are very similar in color as you can see.On a positive note they stay on for good few hours and won't stain at all.If you can manage to blend them in I'm sure they will look great as the other four colours.

On the other hand the rest of the four lipsticks are just adorable and I can't brag enough about them.The colours are vibrant and very moody too.One application does the job and all the lipstick will stay on for about 4-5 hours without eating anything.Miss Melissa and Miss Maxima are semi matte and both has smooth and creamy texture which I don't really mind at all.These are the only two lipsticks that unfortunately stain on anything very easily and will require touch up's.

Overall, I think all lipsticks are unique and great in there very own way apart from blending Miss Sophie and Miss Amy I love all the lipsticks I have and my favourite are Miss Melissa and Miss Maxima and I do use them pretty much every week.I cant wait to see what colours shanghai suzy will bring out next.

Every lipstick retails at $12.95.You can check out more about SHANGHAI SUZY here.

**This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. The colour pay off looks really good!

  2. The colour looks amazing! super matte and pigmented.

    1. They are extremely pigmented and I love all the colours x

  3. These look beautiful! I love the colours. It's good that you get a choice of formula :)

  4. I'm so glad that SS offers choice when it comes to selecting formula I normally prefer nourishing formula but it's was nice to try matte this time xx

  5. Thanks for all the swatches! I've been eyeing these. Such a bargain price!

  6. the colour pay off is amazing! thanks for the swatches. it's making it harder now to choose, i want them all!