Sunday, 11 May 2014

What's on my bed side table TAG

So I decided to create a tag and named it "what's on my bed side table" and today's post is all about what I keep on my bed side table for night time.Here is an overview of what I like to do before I settle down for the night:-
ANEW brightening hand cream absolutely love it.
NIVEA hand cream I can never have enough hand creams.
Ikea candle in TINDRA
"DONT TELL MUMMY" a recent addition to keep my mind away from the rest of the everyday stuff.I said it before in one of my post that I don't like to read books cos I don't have patience at all to go through hundreds of pages and it's very true.This was given to me by a friend who is a bookaholic I'm only at page 28 and finding it hard to concentrate because I already want to know the end of this story....
NIVEA lip butter love love love this stuff.
BURT'S BEES lemon butter cuticle cream.
                                                                         IKEA lamp
My glasses I'm blind without them when it comes to reading.

And that's all I keep on my side table I also had dirty works hand cream but I have recently removed and will update you why.

I tag these gorgeous girls

I also tag whoever is reading this post.

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