Thursday, 5 June 2014

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer

Since Elf products are easily available at k-mart I thought I will let you know what I think of this much affordable Face primer by Elf.

I actually bought 2 bottles from Crush Cosmetics of this gem before Elf reached Australia.This is the second bottle I'm using and let me tell you little about this bad boy...

"Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish"

Packaging is nice and simple but you can't really see how much product is left inside despite of having a glass bottle that white cover blocks out everything and makes it harder to see through.It also has a little pump so you don't need to fiddle around too much.

This product is silicone based and is clear in colour.If you don't like silicone than I suggest to stay away from it.I had no breakouts from this product but my friend who is suffering from really bad acne ended up making her face much worse than it was while using this primer.I only use one pump and spread it over on face and it absorbs into my skin in no time and smooths out my face and makes my pores looks much smaller in size.It does give a clean and smooth surface to layer on my foundation and does not clog my pores at the same time.

It comes in Clear,Tone Adjusting Green,Brightening lavender and Radiant Glow.

 Overall, I wont call this my holy grail primer however it's a great alternative at $12 and is easily available to Aussie's.

You can purchase it from k-mart or online here.

Do you use this primer? if not. What primer do you use?

**This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own.


  1. I have this primer and quite like it! Like you said definitely a good cheap alternative

    1. I love elf products and it's the hit product from elf x

  2. elf comes with lot of budget buys

  3. elf comes with lot of cheap products..really nice

  4. I so need a primer and this looks nice and cheap.......

  5. Its hard to find a primer in the affordable range in India this one is nice fr the price !

  6. Hi hun, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here:

  7. Elf products are most of the time good and as you said, great budget buys :)

  8. They are so affordable wish some other brands that I like were cheaper too