Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lip Balms/Butter's On Rotation

There is no way I see myself not wearing a lip balm anytime at this time of the year,This weather makes my lips look dry,flaky and utterly pale and thats when lip scrub and lip balm comes in to rescue my lips getting worse.I love lip balms/butter's but I tend to keep quite a few handy because I lose them very often.Till today I have never managed to finish a single lip balm Seriously HAVE YOU? I always get through 75 % of the tube and get rid off it...

Here are some of the lip products on duty this winter

Nivea Lip Butter In Caramel Cream & Vanilla Macadamia

Tell me if you love these bad boys as much as I do? I only use these at night and normally hang around my bed side table.I love how they moisturise my lips so well till next morning.Full review here.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mixed Berry and Pink Lolita

Everyone knows about these girls and I think everyone must have at least one.I use these during the day and love them to bits I also swipe one of these under my lipstick for a smooth finish especially with matte lipsticks.Pink Lolita is tinted and on the other hand mixed berry smells like berries but is white in colour.

Covergirl Smoochies 

Another tinted Lipstick lip balm in #sweet tweet does a great job and normally stays in my car along with my hand cream.This has a very fruity smell and does not stay on for a longer period of time but does gives you slightly tinted lips on No lipstick Days.

Bodysol SOS Lipstick Repair 

This is the second tube I'm going through the the moment and I really like how it feels on my lips As soon as I put it on I feel instant chilling refreshness on my lips which none of the other lip products do also has SPF which is a bonus.

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment 

I have gone through so many tubes of this paw paw cream and it never lets me down.It even works for rash,burns,cuts,insect bites,cracked skin and so on...

New Addition

Yes to carrots in berry
Pinky pink made my me

Do you use any of these lip balms/butter? If not what do you use to keep you lips well moisturised?

My most favourite is Nivea's Lip butter in Vanilla & Macadamia

Availability Priceline except Bodysol 

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This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own.


  1. oh I love Maybelline and Nivea lip balms dear :)

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  3. I’m loved lip balms since my tween days of glittery Lip Smackers. It is a year round necessity, if it’s not the harsh sun it the drying wind.

    My favourite lip balms are MOR lip Macarons, I’m using a couple at the moment but have a couple unopened ones too; my uni’s Co-op bookshop seems to have them at half price at least once a year. However, the nature of these products means I mainly use them at home. For out and about or under lipstick I use Burt’s Bees, which I also have a small stockpile of (the Co-op bookshop have a really good half year sale and they stock some great cosmetics).

    I also have a few others lying about since my subscription boxes and mother seem to think no one can have too many lip balms. I try not to have more than a couple going at a time, as I find once opened lip balms go manky fairly quickly.

    1. oh annie i say the same thing a women can never have enough lip balms or lipsticks lol...Mor sounds interesting I'll have a look at myers if they stock them,,,I lose my very quickly thats why I always keep quite a few handy...x

  4. Maybelline baby lips are my absolute favourite! I don't feel as guilty now having so many different balms on rotation :)

    1. they are divine and I love them to bits,,,x

  5. I used to use the Maybelline Baby lips but now have been using the Day and Night lipbalms by Chapstick. They are very hydrating and not very expensive too!

  6. maybeline & nivea are my fave in lip palms ,,,
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