Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Hair Crisis

So a while back I bought a Hair package voucher from Scoopon for $49 to spend at Palz house of style in Thomastown I love these kind of deals because they do save you a lot of money like seriously normally if I want to have a hair cut,foils,treatment and blah blah blah it would cost me more than $200 without a joke now you might be wondering why?

Because I have long hair that don't stop growing and I need a hair cut pretty much every 6 to 12 weeks depending on split ends and the length...

Package included Cut+Treatment +Half head foils OR full colour OR Balayage +Dry +Facial +Massage

This time I bought the voucher because it was only 15 min drive away from my place so I made an appointment for monday this week and as soon as I dropped off YOYO at the Childcare I came home had a shower and off I went to spend around 4 hours at the hairdresser well in normal circumstances thats how long it take to get my hair done and dusted..

I was early as usual a typical army Kid who is always on time and as soon as I walked into the door a young girl sweeping the floor I said hello and told her why I was there,she asked me to wait and sit down than quickly she said come and have a seat and tell me what you want,,,I explained it really well and told her that I like long hair and would like to keep my length into V shape and also mentioned that she might just have to trim then nicely if they don't need too much fiddling around,I showed her the colour on my phone I wanted to put in my hair for balayage.

I also mentioned it twice that I wanted to set my fringe because it was quite long and I wanted to cut it to medium length and even it out and I explained to her that I wanted the rest of my hair go lighter colour.She said she knew how I wanted my hair to look like.

So she made a colour of her choice without showing me the colour book and started to put colour into my hair I asked "Is that for Balayage" She replied "yes,why and stopped and than said "what do you want?" 

God no one has ever spoken to me like this ever,I already knew by than that this will be the worse hair treatment ever...

I said I just wanted to know if the colour was for balayage or the top section of my hair since she explained nothing to me what she was up to.

anyways she carried on and finished putting the colour and walked away than after approximately 40 minutes later she came back again,,checked and washed my hair as you would normally do at home at any busy day,No hair treatment or head massage was provided and we were back to the same place in no time.There was no one else at this stage which means she had plenty of time to go easy.

I did not wanted a facial and I told her already by now as facial was included in the deal too so that saved her some time as well as extra work.

back to the hair cut this time No questions were asked about how do I like to set my fringe so she could cut it that way?

while she was at cutting my fringe a women came along to say hello with her 2 kids so the hairdresser started to chat away and went to put the kettle on for this friend of hers.

when she came back she cut my fringe and rest of my hair without doing any partitions and I bet a 5 year old can do a good job except my youngest sister(her story later) and this hairdresser.She seemed to be in rush and in less than 10 minutes she was done cutting my hair and drying them at the same time and the results are here...

Small fringe

Long fringe

one fringe is bigger than the other Awesome...and the colour I hate the most

and she told me she was done and let me tell you the water was still dripping off my hair when I walked out of the salon...

Worse hair appointment I ever went to..and now I'm left with an uneven fringe and weird colour in my hair followed by a worse cut hair cut and length I'm not happy with...

Will I recommend this place : NEVER

Would you have said something if it was you at my place?


  1. Aww, I'm so sad for you, it's the worst feeling walking out of a salon and hating what's been done. From the sound of it, she seems quite unprofessional, not even asking you about what colour you want and stopping in the middle of your haircut to chat with her friend! I would definitely call her up and let her know you are unhappy and why, without being rude and maybe ask for a refund? It's not fair that you ended up with something you don't like :(

  2. I can't believe this! I probably wouldn't say anything at the time because it's intimidating when someone is doing your hair how they think it should be done. It might be a good idea to call the salon and tell them about it though, so it doesn't happen again and maybe they can organise another hairdresser to fix your hair into something that you like. X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  3. That's really unprofessional! Even if you had a voucher, it was still your hard earned money and you have a right to expect proper service from it. The whole point of the voucher deals are to attract new customers, it's not going to happen if they treat people like this!

    I would definitely call the salon and ask to speak to the manager.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that :( It's so bad that they did unprofessional job. I hope your hair will get better in time. I would be as disappointed as you, and I'd complain the hair dressers for what they've done. You did a good job for sharing this story, so that people will know how bad the service is and if they see your post, hopefully they will improve their poor service.


  5. This is such a bad thing, how can someone do this, and afterall it wasn't for paid them!! You should have stopped her there and then! But I think I must have beautiful hair! ;)


  6. This post is actually horrific - reading this made me so angry on your behalf! What an absolute disgrace of a salon - terribly unprofessional and just not worth it. So sorry you had to go through that!

  7. You have my complete sympathy. I have had the post cut cry and it was not as bad as your experience. How awful for you and disappointing. You go expecting some 'me' time and to walk out with that post-salon swish and instead you get 'agggh!'.
    I wouldn't have been able to say anything at the time and I doubt if saying anything to her would have had a good outcome.
    I would call the salon and ask to speak to the manager/owner. They should fix it for free, in my experience and they will go out of their way to get it right because they know word of mouth is the best advertising and a negative review can do even more damage.
    Even if you don't want to go back you should still let the owner know so they can deal with the perpertrator of crimes against hair and hopefully stop anyone else going through what you did.
    Let us know what happens.