Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Real Techniques Haul From Iherb

Real techniques brushes are not new at all to beauty bloggers and beauty addicts.I had my eyes onto them for a while now and the only thing that was holding me back was the limited availability of RT brushes at priceline and of course the price too.

Than I came across iherb an American company that stock RT at reasonable price so few weeks ago I decided to dive in and made my first non paypal purchase overseas (yes I hate to give my credit card details online).

I bought sam's pick box that is currently on discount containing six brushes at the prize of US $29.99 WoW.

Multi tasking brush
Buffing brush
Essential crease brush
Setting brush (available at priceline for $14.99)
Pointed foundation brush
Fine liner brush (available at priceline for $12.99)

Miracle complexion sponge US $6.00 iherb
Stippling brush US $10.00 (available at priceline for AU $22.99)

I paid AU $46.92 including shipping through DHL and the order came in 7 days without any hiccups.I'm really happy with my little purchase.

A little comparison between priceline and iherb if I had bought stippling brush,setting brush,fine liner brush it would have cost me $50.97 for 3 brushes from priceline over at iherb I got 6 brushes and a sponge including postage for $46.92.

Do you use RT products? Which one is your favourite?

**This is not a sponsored post.


  1. last year I got the eye set of RT brushes from Priceline (at about 40% off or something like that) my most used is probably the Base Shadow Brush. Thanks for the heads up about this site as I've kind of been looking at getting the Silicone Liner Brush.

    1. I bought the Silicone Liner Brush recently and I feel a brush with hair is much better to apply eyeliner with ( like the fine liner brush)