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Memebox Scentbox #3 Grapefruit Review

Hey guys today I'm doing a review on last box that I got in Memebox Scentbox series.If you have not seen earlier post on 

Memebox Scentbox Rose #1
Memebox Scentbox Baby Powder #2 

You can click Here and Here

The theme of the box is Grapefruit and it has 4 full size products.

Eva's Mimi Lauryne's Dress Perfume Mist De Grapefruit 150ml $18 is an all around scented mist for refreshing and can be used on clothes beddings curtains,sofas and so on.It is infused with grapefruit,lilac,orange flower,violet and musk fragrances and OMG this smells DIVINE....

Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel 270ml $30 Contains more than 16,000mg of real grapefruit extracts is an ultra hydrating soothing gel combines all the functions of a toner an emulsion an essence a cream a soothing and a sleeping pack to deliver deep hydration and treat signs of aging.Wow I like multi players like this so I can use it for anything.

Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit 3ml x 2 $2 I have never used a lip patch before so I'm excited to give this one a go.

Happy fresh deo fresh Grapefruit 20 wipes $2 This is a double up product I also got this in baby powder box except this has different fragrance.I wish if they had considered sending a different product than this.

Overall amazing products that I have never heard or used before 3 boxes for $30 was an awesome deal and I'm glad I got theses boxes because I was quite unsure if I wanted to spend $$ on these boxes or not.

You can find out more about Memebox Here.

Have you heard of Memebox?

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Memebox Scentbox #2 Review

Remember I did a review of Memebox Scentbox #1 Here well today is the turn of no #2 that came along with #1 and #3.This particular box contains products that have baby powder fragrance Oh how much I love baby fragrance reminds me of YOYO being so little and newborn.

This box contains 4 products and the major highlight of this box is the 7 seconds makeup booster cream by lailly I adore the fragrance and the color of this cream is very light baby blue claims to be highly moist and to be used before putting on makeup for a long lasting base.I have already used this and I can tell you that it's a non stick very light weight product and provide a clean and well toned base for the makeup.Price $40.

Happy Fam Duo Fresh Baby Powder Wipes contain powder to quickly and easily refresh the sweaty underarms through out the day.I first thought they we're make up removing wipes but ummmmm they will be used in summer....Price $2.

Eva's Mimi Lauryne's Perfume Soap French Blossom The vintage packaging of this soap is to adore and the soap is already being used on daily basis.its a 100% natural hand made soap infused with high concentration of powdery, floral fragrance.Price $18 for 100g.

Consensus Fabric Deodorizer Baby Powder 30ml  it's a powder scented fabric deodorizer which is apparently very famous from Consensus and when applied on fabric it will deeply penetrate into the fabric and effectively remove 99% of germs and molds causing the stretch.Price $7.

Once again it's a great box the only down side is the fabric deodorizer for me it's a beauty box and I would have been more happy to see another beauty related products but for $10 it's an awesome box and will definitely order more later on.

You can check more on Memebox Here.

Have you heard of Memebox?

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil Review

A while back when I felt the need of getting an eye brow pencil my first place to look for it was at Benefit Northland.These guys specialize in shaping eyebrows and are popular for there eye brow/eye lashes products.The lovely Cindy from benefit helped me pick the right color for my eyebrows and did a little demonstration on my eyebrows too for me to understand how to use it properly and I was fairly impressed and bought this pencil instantly.

Turn your sparse, skimpy brows into perfectly natural, polished brows with our new instant brow pencil. The creamy powder-like texture glides on easily and comes with a special blending tip. It's soon to be the most indispensable beauty item in your bag... where you go, your brow pencil should follow!

The pencil is two sided as you can see one side is the actual brow pencil that needs to be sharpened quite often and the other side has a high quality spoolie to brush the eyebrows.I have it in Medium shade.

I start with gentle strokes to fill in my eyebrows by using the pencil side where needed.I have thick eyebrows but the only problem is that there are some tiny patches that definitely need some sort of filling and that was the main reason I invested in this pencil.Than I use the brush that is attached on the other side of the pencil to blend in the product for a more natural finish.

The pencil gives you full control of how you want to fill your eyebrows you can keep it light or blend in more product to achieve bold and dark eyebrows.

This pencil also comes with full instructions from benefit which is very handy if you have not used an eyebrow pencil before.

The pencil is great and is easy to work with without creating any mess however I feel like it needs to be sharpened every time I have to use it due to being very soft in texture which I'm not really impressed considering it's not a cheap pencil at all but for me it does last all day without smudging and does not really need any touch up's.I personally use this for those lazy days when I don't fell like using benefit's brow zings.

I think it's a great product if you are looking for a high end eyebrow pencil but also keep it in mind that it is bit expensive at $39.00 and you can always find a dupe at half of the price of this.

Do you use this eyebrow pencil if not what do you use?

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Essence Haul

I recently discussed about a new collection called Dark Romance from Essence Here and of course I had to pick up some of the products I wanted for myself  but unfortunately due to being unwell I was not quick enough and had to pick up the left over products.

I wanted to get the cream highlighter but it was already gone so I decided to pick up Velvet Mousse I picked up 2 instead of 1 it's so nice and creamy and I could not resist myself not getting another one as a back up.The velvet mousse is a cream blush absolutely gorgeous color but takes a while to blend it.It looks very red and bright but once blended it's actually quite sheer and looks nice.

Essence lipstick,lipgloss,blush

Essence Lipstick in painted love you know how much I love red and I was lucky enough to get this lipstick.The packaging is very similar to the other essence lipsticks except a logo of dark romance that is visible on this lipstick.

Essence Lipgloss Effects in black shadow contains black shimmer and has fragrance of very similar to Shanghai Suzy lipsticks Something like hubba bubba and it's a 12ml lipgloss not bad for its price at all.

Eyeshadow Quad In Mystery Glam I love this little quad.The eye shadows look very pigmented but in reality they are quite sheer.I found the best way to apply them is with a wet eyeshadow brush otherwise you will see them falling in no time.

These guys are available at Priceline and once again I have not seen them at Target.

If you want to buy the new collection Be quick I say or else they will be gone in no time because they are limited edition products....

Have you picked up anything from the new collection of Essence? What did you buy?

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Turmeric Face Packs

Turmeric is one ingredient that is a part of most of  the dishes my hubby cooks and is an essential part of my skin care too.This kitchen spice is not just great for cooking but it can also be added in your skin care routine.

Turmeric is not expensive at all and can be find at any grocery store and Do you know it can also be use to cure so many issues such as acne,brightening complexion,anti-agening,arthritis and works like magic if used as an antiseptic and so on.I use turmeric mask at least once a week and have been using it for years and I must say its the best and easiest homemade face pack in my opinion.Turmeric is well known and used in india especially for the brides to be to achieve clear and brighter complexion just before there big day.

Because I use it every week I thought I will share with you how I use it as a face pack.

For Acne/pimples
Mix 2 tablespoon of graham flour with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and milk to make a paste.Go slowly when pouring milk to make a right consistency you would not wanna make it too runny.TIP You can add 1/2 olive oil or almond oil so it does not stain your face if you have really fair skin.

Use 1 tsp of turmeric with 1 tablespoon of sandalwood and mix it with water to make a paste,leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.By using this pack every 2-3 times a week it can cure acne not completely but to a great extent.

For Pigmentation And Brighter Complexion
Mix 1/2 turmeric with 1 tsp of lemon juice.Apply it on face and wash it off once it's dry.You will have to be consistently using this face pack for few weeks to see the results.

I tend to use the last face pack a lot than the other two's since my skin is acne free for now but as soon as I see anything new emerging on my face the first 2 packs are the one to shoo away any nasties.I also use few products just for mild acne/pimples which I will discuss in a different post.I hope you guys find this post helpful and handy for now or future.

Let me know if you use turmeric face pack?

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream Review

Remember this hand cream by Dirty works I got in my April Bellabox and How happy I was to see this in my BB.Well I have had it for a while now and it's time to tell you what I think of it.

A 100 ml tube full of white textured cream comes in a cute blue polka dotted packaging containing cocoa butter and jojoba oil claims to help condition and smooth dry hands.

First up I honestly don't like the smell of this cream now even though initially I thought it very really nice I can't smell any of the ingredients (cocoa butter and jojoba oil) at all when applying this cream instead it smells and feels like plastic to me and it's rather too strong for my nose to even use at night when I don't want to sniff it all night long.

The texture is soft,light and silky indeed and reapplying of this product is must but this definitely is not a product that I can think of using to transform my hands from rough and dry to soft and silky.Even after applying it twice and heavy in amount I could still feel my dry fingertips which is something I have not experienced with any other hand creams in past.Its not sticky and does gets absorbed really quickly leaving my hands feeling dehydrated which is kind of weird too..

It is travel friendly and can be purchased from Coles for $5.95 and I have not seen this anywhere else.

Unfortunately this left me disappointed and I am glad I did not invested in this product directly and sadly I won't be repurchasing this either.

Have you heard of dirty works and Do you use this cream?What do you think of it?

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FOA Cosmetics Blush/Highlighter Palette

Hey Guys 
Today I'm doing a review on Face Of Australia's Glamazon Blush/Highlight duo palette.This is my second palette from FOA since the one I had before went missing.I fell in love with this blush/highlighter at the first sight I mean how cute is the zebra packaging? I'm a huge sucker of great packaging...

As you can tell from the title it's a blush and highlight duo palette and comes with a decent size of built in mirror.The packaging is made of a cheap plastic and is very light weight but with the animal print on it actually looks cool...

The blush included in this palette is matte and is very pinkish in color.It is highly pigmented and only need small amount to achieve a perfect pink cheeks.You can keep it low or high by controlling the amount of blush you use.On the other hand, I found the highlighter to be very shimmery I mean a way bit shimmery for me I like it however I have been not been using it much and when I do All I can see is sparkly shimmer which I'm not really fan of.

For a blush/highlighter with a $9.95 prize tag I found a great bargain and I think you can't go wrong with this palette if you are looking for blush and highlighter kit together.

Availability: Priceline/Kmart

Do you use this palette from FOA?What do you think of it?

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Fried Rice Recipe

Hey guys 
Hope you are all well

Today I'm sharing a recipe of fried rice that is very famous in our home.We cook these rice once/twice a week.The recipe is very simple and easy to make.
You will need

3 Cups Of Cooked Rice 
3 Tbsp Of Soy Sauce 
2 Tsp Of Sesame Oil
3 x Green Onions Chopped
1x Egg Lightly Beaten 
Handful Of Bean Sprouts
Half A Cup Green Peas
1 Carrot Grated 

Heat 1 tsp of sesame oil in a wok and fry 2x green onions, peas and grated carrot for about for two minutes remove from the heat.

Put a frying pan on the stove and add 1 tsp of sesame oil,mix 1 tbsp of soy sauce with an egg and pour on a frying pan,spread the egg mixture all over on the pan to make a thin omelette,once cooked remove from the heat and cut it into small pieces.

Add rice,bean sprouts,omelette,2 tbsp of soy sauce to the mixture made at step 1.Mix well and garnish with chopped 1x green onion.Serve warm.

Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if you make it.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Essence lipstick Collection

Essence products are easily available at Priceline or Target and If you know the brand you would also know that the essence products are quite affordable and are great quality products. 

On my every visit to Priceline Essence is my first stop to see if they have something new available.A while ago I picked up six lipsticks from them they are not new anymore but I would like to share the swatches with you guys.There are 10 shades available in this range and I only have six.

01 Coral Calling
02 All You Need Is Red
03 Dare To Red
06 Barely There
08 Colour Crush
09 Wear Berries

01,02,09 are buildable shades,one swipe wont give you perfect coral,red or berry look but after 2-3 times they will almost get you to the right shade.Formula is very creamy and does not dry out lips and will definitely need touch up in 2-3 hour time.

They are all my favourite shades but I tend to wear Dare To Red and Wear Berries a lot than the other four.

The packaging is an issue for me the ring between the cap and the actual lipstick does not stay in place.

Price:-$4.10 each
Availability:- Priceline/Target

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Oasap shopping

I'm quite addicted to online shopping at the moment after having a nasty fall and discovering that my coccygeal tip located in my lower back is fractured so there is nothing much to do at home apart from reading blogs and doing some online shopping.

While I was browsing to buy some printed tops I came across this website called OASAP .In very short period of time I went through most of there products and while I wanted to buy so many clothes from them I was quite hesitant since I did not really know how the customer service/shipping was going to be and of course the sizing information given on there website was not enough either.

Anyways I managed to order 6 tops and a leopard dress.All these clothes are in medium size and fit me perfect and I can't wait to wear these in summer.

The order went smoothly and the parcel arrived in about 3 weeks without any dramas.

I paid approximately $70-$80 + free shipping for all these and most of the items were on sale.The website is quite easy to use and there customer service is provided by live chat which is also great.You can find out more about OASAP here.

Do you buy clothes online?
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Lust Have It Winter Eco Box

My first and last Eco box is finally here after waiting for weeks and being told so many times last month that they have been shipped out long ago.Eco Box is a quarterly box from Lust have It  that  comes with 6-8 natural and organic beauty items at the price of $29.95 claims to contain $80 worth of products.

Now lets see what I got in Eco box..

Natural Glamour 2GL Mineral Bronzing powder RRP $39.95 10g

Now this irritated me so much Why? When I opened the box this bronzing powder was all over in the box and lid seems to be bit lose and I'm left with less than half the product in the actual pot.The colour of this boronzing powder is really nice and I'm looking forward to whatever is left.This product is cruelty free and contains SPF.

Sukin Facial Foaming Cleanser RRP $9.95 125ml

I like Sukin products and have used there facial Scrub and Mist and love them both equally so this is great product and will keep it for travelling since its only 50ml product and I'm already have few cleansers to go through.This is a sulphate free and non drying cleanser to remove impurities and contains the combination of chamomile,aloe vera,witch hazel and green tea with macadamia and evening primrose oils to purify and balance your skin.

The Jojoba Company's Jojoba Oil RRP $19.95 30 ml

This is a 100% natural australian jojoba oil to moisturise lips,face,hands,cuticles,body and hair,leaving skin and hair silky.This is a multipurpose oil and can be also used on acne,cradle cap,sunburn,nappy rash and visibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles.I'm already quite impressed however its really a small sample and don't know if it will be able to show results with the amount of products is in the bottle.

Billie Goat Soap $8.95 100gr

This soap is handcrafted using fresh australian goat's milk.I have used this soap in past and will use this again.

Karpati Bio Cellulose Essence Mask RRP $22 Mask Per Mask

Claims to significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is gel type eye mask.I have never used this mask before so i would love to give this one a go however the price is not really impressive $22 per mask is way too expensive for an eye mask unless there is an error on the product card.

Bio-A7 Firming Eye Lotion RRP $32.95 $15ml

Sich a tiny sample pot and there is not enough information on the pot but it claims to be organic and award winning eye cream by nature and health magazine according to the product card.It says to increase elasticity to smooth lines and wrinkles around the eye.

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo RRP $19.95 for 190 ml & RRP $19.95 200ml Conditioner

Ok I quite don't like sachets especially when you are paying $29.95 the sachets are so small that I can't even wash my hair with these so a complete waste of space in the box.

Hello Fresh $30 Voucher

Once again another food related voucher I already got this one in LHI women's box and got rid off  it and now its here again.

Overall its quite a disappointing box after all LHI had 3 months to prepare this box I sent them email twice regarding the box and was told that they were still waiting for some of the products before they start the shipment and as usual there shipment is late forcing me to cancel the subscription.It honestly did not left a positive impression on a first time customer of Eco Box.You can find out more on Eco box here.

Are you subscribed to Eco Box? What do you think of this months Eco Box?

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Essence Trend Edition Called Dark Romance

The other day I went to Priceline and spotted new Trend Edition from Essence called "Dark Romance".The new collection seemed to have arrived recently at Priceline because it was not there last week when I went.

This time there are nine different products in dark and deep colours which is something completely new and unique from Essence for the beauties.The new collection involves the combination of red,purple,dark red,gold,beige,dark blue,grey and black colours carrying beauty products for eyes,lips,nails and face.The Trend Edition is described as "Gothic Glamour" by Essence.

The newly launched products from Essence are

Dark Romance Quatro Eyeshadow
Dark Romance Eye Pencil
Dark Romance Lipstick
Dark Romance Lip Gloss Effect
Dark Romance Cream highlighter
Dark Romance Velvet Mouse Blush
Dark Romance Nail Polish 
Dark Romance Nail Art Decoration kit
Dark Romance Body Tattoos

As you can see all products are quite dark and deep in colour except the cream highlighter.I'm really excited about trying the lipstick,lip glosses in beige grey and black + velvet mouse blush.

The new collection is available at Priceline and the prices are super affordable.

Are you excited about the new products from Essence? Which products will you be getting?
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Lucky My Canon 70d

Hello Hello,

Today's post is bit different than the usual ones.I would like to introduce you to my new camera Canon 70 d this was my early mothers day present this year from my boys.There was a time when I had a crappy old camera that I purchased from singapore it was sitting on my nerves for a while now and I have been wanting to get a new camera for almost 2 years and finally my wish was full filled.

We were tossing between 70d or 7d but than I thought to start from 70d and move on once I become pro at it.The main purpose of this camera was to take pictures of YOYO and my family but from now on its ready to embark on this blogging journey with me.

Till now I was using it on Automatic mode just like any other new camera wedded person but I'll start shooting on manual mode after going through photography tips by beautiful Sarah from More Than Adored she has done a post on Photography Tips which is really useful for new users like me she has also written some great post on how to deal with PR's,growing your audience and so on.Its worth having a look if you are new to blogging world.

Another photography related post I have been reading is by Eesha from Eesha's Glam she had done few posts on photography and are really in details here.She is also very friendly if you have any questions she would definitely reply back.

Oh and I named him "LUCKY" I thought he deserved a name at least Right!!!

Do you have photography tips for me? Do share if you have? 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Memebox Scentbox #1

Hey everyone

In May I pre order Scentbox #1, #2 and #3 from Memebox and they finally found there way to my place.They were shipped on the 27th June and got here in Melbourne on the 1st of July which I think is super quick considering it was an international shipping.Some time with Memebox you need to pre order boxes since they sell out really quickly and the best way to stay up to date is to join there mailing list so you get to know first when a new box is available.

Memebox is not a subscription service like Bellabox or Lust have it where they keep on deducting $$ every month for monthly boxes.Each time you want to buy a box you just pay for it and it will arrive at your door step within the time frame listed on Memebox's website.

Scentbox is divided in 3 different boxes and each box comes with products with particular scent in them
I have Scentbox 2 +1 buy 2 and get one free.

Scentbox #1 Rose
Scentbox #2 Baby Powder 
Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

But today I'll only review Scentbox #1 Rose and Let me show you what's in the Scentbox #1 Rose.

This box contains 3 full size products and 5 sachets of skin primer.

Evas Rosemine Plumpy Tint 01 Roseberry $11 Full Size Product

This is a moisturising gel type tint enriched with French Rose water and ginseng extracts.It can be used for lips and cheeks and comes in a ridiculously cute packaging and red in colour.This will be definitely be used.

Eva's Rosemine Floral Remedy Foam Cleanser 120 ml $22 Full Size Product

This is a Rose infused cleanser contains micro bubbles and 8 different floral waters with real Bulgarian Rose petals to deeply penetrate into the skin and clear away and stubborn blackheads as well as soothe and Moisturize dry and damaged skin.Gosh I really need this one and hope it will work.

Happy Bath Rose Essence Body wash 200g $11 Full Size Product

This Rose oil infused body wash is highly rich in vitamin A (20 times that of a tomato) and vitamin c (17 times that of a lemon) and is very effective in nourishing and revitalizing your body SOUNDS INTERESTING NO WONDER KOREAN WOMEN HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SKIN.

Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer 2ml x 5 

A Rose scented skin primer ummm have you ever heard of Rose scented primer? Well I have now and this primer helps the makeup last longer without becoming oily.

Cost for 3 boxes $30

Overall I'm super happy with the products for the $$ I paid for this box.The great thing about Korean products is that they actually work and this is from my own personal experience.I loved my first Luckybox #1 from Memebox and I think this box along with other #2 and #3 are just as great.There are always at least one meh product in most boxes which in this box are the sachets but that's ok I have never heard of this primer so I'll be happy to use this + All products are made in Korea and are new to me.

Memebox ships worldwide and you can check if your country is listed Here.

All boxes have there dufferent prices and you have to pay shipping depending on how many boxes you order.

Have you heard of Memebox? What do you think of this box?

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