Monday, 21 July 2014

Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil Review

A while back when I felt the need of getting an eye brow pencil my first place to look for it was at Benefit Northland.These guys specialize in shaping eyebrows and are popular for there eye brow/eye lashes products.The lovely Cindy from benefit helped me pick the right color for my eyebrows and did a little demonstration on my eyebrows too for me to understand how to use it properly and I was fairly impressed and bought this pencil instantly.

Turn your sparse, skimpy brows into perfectly natural, polished brows with our new instant brow pencil. The creamy powder-like texture glides on easily and comes with a special blending tip. It's soon to be the most indispensable beauty item in your bag... where you go, your brow pencil should follow!

The pencil is two sided as you can see one side is the actual brow pencil that needs to be sharpened quite often and the other side has a high quality spoolie to brush the eyebrows.I have it in Medium shade.

I start with gentle strokes to fill in my eyebrows by using the pencil side where needed.I have thick eyebrows but the only problem is that there are some tiny patches that definitely need some sort of filling and that was the main reason I invested in this pencil.Than I use the brush that is attached on the other side of the pencil to blend in the product for a more natural finish.

The pencil gives you full control of how you want to fill your eyebrows you can keep it light or blend in more product to achieve bold and dark eyebrows.

This pencil also comes with full instructions from benefit which is very handy if you have not used an eyebrow pencil before.

The pencil is great and is easy to work with without creating any mess however I feel like it needs to be sharpened every time I have to use it due to being very soft in texture which I'm not really impressed considering it's not a cheap pencil at all but for me it does last all day without smudging and does not really need any touch up's.I personally use this for those lazy days when I don't fell like using benefit's brow zings.

I think it's a great product if you are looking for a high end eyebrow pencil but also keep it in mind that it is bit expensive at $39.00 and you can always find a dupe at half of the price of this.

Do you use this eyebrow pencil if not what do you use?

This is not a sponsored product and all opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. I love this brow pencil and have been using it since the first time I got my hands on it. That was more than 2 years ago. A definite re-purchase item for me but I usually buy it from overseas ;)

    1. It's a great pencil indeed price tag is the only big issue I wish it was but cheaper though x

  2. I love this Brow pencil coz it has a spooley too makes the job easier. nice review xo

  3. Great review! Good product, but too expensive. :)

  4. Like it bt dun think this is released in india yet..will surely checkout next m at thier slightly expensive though..

  5. It's a little too costly for me - I think I'd be better off buying it from the US site!

  6. I just started using an eyebrow pencil I never liked full brows since I have a lot of brows already, but the more i use it, the more I think i prefer it now!

  7. I just bought it and love it, it works for my thick brows, the creamy texture helps lighten up my brows. I bought the medium