Monday, 21 July 2014

Essence Haul

I recently discussed about a new collection called Dark Romance from Essence Here and of course I had to pick up some of the products I wanted for myself  but unfortunately due to being unwell I was not quick enough and had to pick up the left over products.

I wanted to get the cream highlighter but it was already gone so I decided to pick up Velvet Mousse I picked up 2 instead of 1 it's so nice and creamy and I could not resist myself not getting another one as a back up.The velvet mousse is a cream blush absolutely gorgeous color but takes a while to blend it.It looks very red and bright but once blended it's actually quite sheer and looks nice.

Essence lipstick,lipgloss,blush

Essence Lipstick in painted love you know how much I love red and I was lucky enough to get this lipstick.The packaging is very similar to the other essence lipsticks except a logo of dark romance that is visible on this lipstick.

Essence Lipgloss Effects in black shadow contains black shimmer and has fragrance of very similar to Shanghai Suzy lipsticks Something like hubba bubba and it's a 12ml lipgloss not bad for its price at all.

Eyeshadow Quad In Mystery Glam I love this little quad.The eye shadows look very pigmented but in reality they are quite sheer.I found the best way to apply them is with a wet eyeshadow brush otherwise you will see them falling in no time.

These guys are available at Priceline and once again I have not seen them at Target.

If you want to buy the new collection Be quick I say or else they will be gone in no time because they are limited edition products....

Have you picked up anything from the new collection of Essence? What did you buy?

This is not a sponsored post all opinions are my own and 100 % genuine.


  1. The lipstick looks amazing ! Btw great post.. :D

    Wanna follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin ? Do let me know.. I'll follow back

  2. This collection has sold out quickly at my local Priceline. I got in early and pretty much everything was gone or tamped with, but I did manage to pickup the Velvet Mousse in Painted Love though. I do love it's colour and texture but have a few problems blending it (though I'm kind of new to blush so I struggle with most).

    Which I could of gotten that lipstick though it looks gorgeous. I'm curious, how does the black gloss look on? That one seemed a little to extreme for me.

    ~ Annie from

    1. I know it's so annoying considering it's a limited edition and they only have like 7-8 products on display just does not make any sense plus no tester at all which means people ended up opening the originals πŸ˜”
      I only used the lip gloss on it's on and it's actually quite sheer than it's looks I would not really put on any color of lipstick like I have seen someone who did it just does not look nice due to the black colour innit
      Can you try at different pharmacy?
      I blend the blush with my fingers btw just rub your fingers together before applying to warm up the product and it should blend really well hope it helps

  3. I was a bit tempted to pick up one of the mousse blushes because they look so cool, but the shades are a bit too dark for me to pull off I think :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Oh that's a shame wish they had it available in few other shades πŸ˜”

  4. Beautiful warm, red colours! Oooh I want this too! :D

    isa |

  5. The lipstick and blush look fantastic, I would have loved one of each.
    Aimee :)

  6. Nice colors !
    I like your blog. :) X


    | Fashion Blogger |

  7. Lovely colors. Great haul. Eager to see your detailed reviews on these :-)

  8. Great post ! Essence is super cheap but they actually have some great products !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  9. looks amazing I am more of a lipgloss girl!

  10. I always like red lipstick .. loved the goodies u got.. :)

  11. I was so fortunate to pick up everything I wanted from this collection! I'm kinda glad I didn't keep the eyeshadow now, I like full on, drag queen-esque colour payoff!

    The highlighter is gorgeous, it's a shame you didn't get it. :(

    I wanted to say, I've worn the dark lipgloss over red lipstick and it's beautiful. :)

  12. I cna't take my eyes off the blush!!!! it's so pigmented!! i wouldn't know how to wear it!