Thursday, 3 July 2014

Essence Trend Edition Called Dark Romance

The other day I went to Priceline and spotted new Trend Edition from Essence called "Dark Romance".The new collection seemed to have arrived recently at Priceline because it was not there last week when I went.

This time there are nine different products in dark and deep colours which is something completely new and unique from Essence for the beauties.The new collection involves the combination of red,purple,dark red,gold,beige,dark blue,grey and black colours carrying beauty products for eyes,lips,nails and face.The Trend Edition is described as "Gothic Glamour" by Essence.

The newly launched products from Essence are

Dark Romance Quatro Eyeshadow
Dark Romance Eye Pencil
Dark Romance Lipstick
Dark Romance Lip Gloss Effect
Dark Romance Cream highlighter
Dark Romance Velvet Mouse Blush
Dark Romance Nail Polish 
Dark Romance Nail Art Decoration kit
Dark Romance Body Tattoos

As you can see all products are quite dark and deep in colour except the cream highlighter.I'm really excited about trying the lipstick,lip glosses in beige grey and black + velvet mouse blush.

The new collection is available at Priceline and the prices are super affordable.

Are you excited about the new products from Essence? Which products will you be getting?
**This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. Oh, I like the look of some of these products. I hope that my local Price line has these in when I go next. The lipstick and blush looks good. Thanks for sharing this.

    ~ Annie from

    1. They are great and I forgot my wallet at home lol otherwise you know 😀
      My local target don't have these yet but priceline have
      Hope you find them in your local priceline too

  2. I love the look of this collection! Essence is doing so well at keeping on trend and bringing out awesome new products :)

  3. I like the products , might as well check them out !

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  4. Sounds interesting!!


  5. Oh wow amazing makeup i need to get.

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  7. great products
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  8. great products