Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lucky My Canon 70d

Hello Hello,

Today's post is bit different than the usual ones.I would like to introduce you to my new camera Canon 70 d this was my early mothers day present this year from my boys.There was a time when I had a crappy old camera that I purchased from singapore it was sitting on my nerves for a while now and I have been wanting to get a new camera for almost 2 years and finally my wish was full filled.

We were tossing between 70d or 7d but than I thought to start from 70d and move on once I become pro at it.The main purpose of this camera was to take pictures of YOYO and my family but from now on its ready to embark on this blogging journey with me.

Till now I was using it on Automatic mode just like any other new camera wedded person but I'll start shooting on manual mode after going through photography tips by beautiful Sarah from More Than Adored she has done a post on Photography Tips which is really useful for new users like me she has also written some great post on how to deal with PR's,growing your audience and so on.Its worth having a look if you are new to blogging world.

Another photography related post I have been reading is by Eesha from Eesha's Glam she had done few posts on photography and are really in details here.She is also very friendly if you have any questions she would definitely reply back.

Oh and I named him "LUCKY" I thought he deserved a name at least Right!!!

Do you have photography tips for me? Do share if you have? 


  1. I used to set my DSLR in automatic mode too LOL until I went to photography class (it's a mandatory subject in my uni) and learned some tricks. Mine is Nikon but I think Canon is easier to work with.


  2. Wow congrats dear, you are really lucky to get this as gift!! In the starting I think everybody uses cam in auto mode!! :D


  3. It's gorgeous! I've been looking at getting another camera, but I'm not sure if I want something so terribly grown up just yet - it's a little daunting.

  4. The camera is awesome enjoy it.

  5. dslr...great

  6. Wow... Congrats for getting the new camera. A dslr probably would be on my wishlist after college. Now I won't be able to afford it. Lovely cam..... enjoy........