Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Oasap shopping

I'm quite addicted to online shopping at the moment after having a nasty fall and discovering that my coccygeal tip located in my lower back is fractured so there is nothing much to do at home apart from reading blogs and doing some online shopping.

While I was browsing to buy some printed tops I came across this website called OASAP .In very short period of time I went through most of there products and while I wanted to buy so many clothes from them I was quite hesitant since I did not really know how the customer service/shipping was going to be and of course the sizing information given on there website was not enough either.

Anyways I managed to order 6 tops and a leopard dress.All these clothes are in medium size and fit me perfect and I can't wait to wear these in summer.

The order went smoothly and the parcel arrived in about 3 weeks without any dramas.

I paid approximately $70-$80 + free shipping for all these and most of the items were on sale.The website is quite easy to use and there customer service is provided by live chat which is also great.You can find out more about OASAP here.

Do you buy clothes online?
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  1. My favorite is the girl with braids how cute.
    Nice post doll.

  2. I'm following you :) kisses my dear

  3. Love it! Nice post!
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  4. Are you OK Varinder? Did not know that you hurt yourself. Take care of yourself girl..!!


    1. Thanks reshma I'm ok and pain is finally in control but I can't really sit up for longer hours and finding it hard to do day to day chores x

  5. Look at you!!!! You look so beautiful. Well I know this is not related to post but the your pic on right side of your blog! Honestly saying my eyes got stuck on you! ;)
    Great choice, I liked all the tops you have chosen! :)

    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks for your complement Richa
      You are pretty too xx

  6. Gosh such funky tops! i love the patterns :) I've never heard of OASAP,I'll need to check it out!

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