Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday OOTD #2

How are you all ?

I'm heading out with my hubby on a date,,,yeah date I don't even remember when we went out on a date together anymore,,,you know if you have kids at home how it's like to go out,,,anyways my mum is here and she is looking after YOYO,,,

So a quick post to show you my beautiful dress I bought from OASAP...

I adore Leo,,,and the colour of this dress too,,,

Dress Oasap
Heels Aldo
Lipstick Shanghai Suzy
Perfume Armani 
Earrings Colette Hayman
Watch Random 
Ring Don't Remember

over and out,,,

Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend 

What are you upto everyone?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Essence Bloom Me Up Collection

Spring is almost here and so as the new (limited) spring collection from Essence "Bloom Me Up" and this time The new collection is out with floral patterns combined with colours in Pink,Apricot and Lavender absolutely perfect for my favourite season of the year...

The products from "Bloom Me Up" available at priceline are

Bloom me up Lipstick 01 Rose it Up, 02 Chasing Lacy

Bloom me up Eyeshadow 01 Bloomylicious, 02 Rose It Up,03 Blow My Mint

Bloom me up Shimmer Powder 01 Rose It Up 

Bloom me up Duo Eye Pencil 01 Bloomylicious 

Bloom me up Blush Stick 01 Chasing Lacy, 02 Blooming Tender

Bloom me up Nail Polish in 01 Blow My Mint,02 Lovely Lavender,03 Blooming Tender,04 Chasing Lacy

Bloom me up Hair Band 

Bloom me up Nail Lace Tips

I picked up 2 Lipsticks in 

01 Chasing Lacy $3.65
02 Rose It Up $3.65

Rose it Up on (L),,Chasing Lacy on (R)

Both of these lipsticks looks pretty nude but upon swatching Rose It Up don't really have any colour instead it has slight shimmer included and that's the reason you can't really see any colour of it on my arm.Chasing Lacy turned into pinkish shade after swatching about 6 times but extremely sheer when applied onto lips considering it looks quite dark compare to the Rose It Up.

They look and give the feeling of a normal clear lip balm and I really wish if there were slightly pigmented because I don't really like clear lip balm looking lipsticks.The packaging however is much better than the normal essence lipstick you would find at priceline or target.

Before blending 

After Blending

I also got Shimmer Powder $5.75 and how cute is the packaging? I'm looking forward to use this as a highlighter and it also has shimmer innit but it's very subtle looking once blended in.

I did not feel the need of getting everything from this collection.The shimmer powder is a highlight for me from Bloom Me Up and that's it.

What do you think of the new collection guys? What are you going to pick?

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cheaper Tuesdays #2

Recently Kmart made some changes in there beauty section and introduced few new brands to us customers.I picked up few lipsticks from an "Unknown Brand".You might be thinking Why I'm calling it Unknown? Well because there is no brand name written on the actual packaging.It only says "Moisturising Lips" which does not sound like a brand name so now I really wonder if it's Kmart's own brand but for now it remains "Unknown Brand" for me...

Now on to the lipsticks I saw these on INSTAGRAM and could not believe how many times I have actually seen these but never thought of buying these lippies..but I finally did now and not just 1,2, or 3 I got 4...

Yah I'm a lipstick hoarder a typical lipstick collector really.The Lipsticks I picked up are 

Deep Rouge
Red Hot 

I only got dark shades because they go well with my skin.The lipsticks are highly pigmented and will leave a stain behind after being wiped off.

All the lippies I have gives semi matte finish except The Wildberry that has satin finish and does need a touch up quite often.

The staying power is only around 4 hours of all of these lippies.The Magenta felt slightly dry on my lips but the others were quite moisturising.

On to the packaging,As you can see they come in a tinted glass packaging which I don't prefer since it's hard to see the actual colour of the lipstick and there were no testers available so I just had to gamble and take my picks.

Also I would like to point it out that the lipstick itself is a bit wobbly I mean all of them but nothing scary I guess you get what you paid for.

For $2 each It's a great steal.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Over the weekend I did some cleaning,,,Cleaning of my makeup brushes,,,I always feel like its a big chore but than I also look forward to have smooth,clean and almost new MUP Brushes...

I'm going to be honest here I don't have too many makeup brushes and I don't really feel like I need to have every single brand out there either...too much work to clean the brushes I already I have limited number of brushes that I actually use and a beauty blender by Real Techniques...

Although I don't do anything fancy I still thought I'll share with you How I clean my makeup brushes.

Before I start let me admit that I'm a huge fan of Tea Tree Oil which is a great as an antiseptic/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial agent. I do use it quite often for quite a few things and one of them is for cleaning my makeup brushes.

I take half a cup of hot water and half a cup of white vinegar + 4 to 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

I mix everything in a bowl and than leave the brushes in there for about 10 minutes.

Later I Swirl gently each of the brush in the water and gently squeeze out the water.

And than I Rinse them one more time under running water.

Reshape and let them dry on the paper towel/tissue papers or a clean towel.

That's it and I enjoy using squeaky clean makeup Brushes.

Thats all I do and I have never experienced any breakout from my makeup brushes.The tea tree oil does not really leave any scent behind once the brushes are dry and ready to be used again.I also clean my beauty blender in a same way.

MUP Brushes really need to be cleaned properly once a week at least especially if they get used everyday they can retain makeup residue allowing nasty Bacteria into them if not cleaned after each use causing breakouts and possibly further skin problems.

Hope you enjoy the post.
Talk soon

How do you clean your Makeup Brushes?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Friday OOTD #1

Halo Beauties,,,
How are you all?

I'm well and very happy to see the sun shinning outside...a bit of a change for us Aussies...

Since its nice and warm today I decided to pull out my new Black and White knee length dress (I'm obsessed with stripes at the moment) to go with Black Flats and a Little Bow to tie my hair in a sock bun.I also decided to match my White Earrings to go with my outfit as well as layering my lips with my Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sophie Lilac.

To keep everything black a white I'm also wearing my simple Bracelet made by Kazuri Beads...and of course a Body Mist that I got in my recent Memebox.

Thats it for today the sun is still out and I'm off to pick up little YOYO so I can take him to the lake near our place...

Happy Friday & Enjoy Your Weekend...

Dress:- Valley Girl
Flats:- Kmart
Ear rings:-Colette Hayman
Lipstick:-Shanghai Suzy
Body Mist:-Memebox

What are you guys up to?

This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and genuine as always.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Benefit The POREfessional Review

Large Pores can be annoying at times and extremely hard to fix.I used to have kind of medium size facial pores due to not adopting an adequate skin care routine at early age but since taking care of my skin in a proper manner my pores are definitely small in size but yah but..... I still have them.

Why some people have Large/Medium Pores?

Well it could be anything such as Neglecting the needs of your skin,Aging,Environmental Damage,Hormonal Changes,genetic factors and so on.While you can reduce the size of your pores by cleaning,exfoliating,toning,moisturising and also by adding mask and serum to your daily routine it can be time consuming and takes a lot of effort to maintain the routine which can be daunting to some people especially if you are short on time.

For those who don't like to wait to see the results you can always hide them by makeup.When I say makeup the first step is to choose the right pore minimizing primer.Choosing the right primer can be very crucial for some when you are already frustrated with pore problems but do remember once you have the right primer to go on your face it will disappear the pores temporarily and instantly as well as create a smooth and silky canvas like base for you to layer it with a foundation of your choice.

My all time favorite primer is Benefit's POREfessional I'm currently out of my full size tube but I do have sample size little tubes left that I'm currently using.I have been using it since it actually came out and as you can see in the before and after pictures it instantly reduces the size of my pores by settling into my skin really well.
It is an oil free primer for those suffering with pore problems and all you need is one layer of the primer to cover up the pores and fine lines before applying foundation.I have personally worn it without any foundation and it looks like I have a tinted light weight cream.The great thing about this primer is that you can always reapply it during the day if the pores decide to show up again by gently patting the primer on to the problem areas.

I highly recommend this primer for those suffering with pore problems.It's not easy to get rid of large pores but you can always hide them with a great pore minimizing primer while also taking care of your face everyday by following a great skin care routine.

Price:- $53
Availability:-Benefit at Myer

Do you suffer with pore problems?What do you use to hide your pores?

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Cheaper Tuesdays

I have decided to start a new weekly post on the blog here called "Cheaper Tuesdays" where I would be sharing the cheap,discounted and affordable products such as makeup,skin care,jewellery and so on,,,

Yesterday I went to Dominos and a poster outside the glass door said "Cheaper Everyday Value Pizzas for only $4.95" it used to be "Cheaper Tuesday" instead Of "Cheaper Everyday" and that's where I got an idea of sharing anything costing me under $10.00 on weekly basis...

To kick off the series I have Essence Blush in "01 Groupie At Heart" to share with you guys...

Simple and beautifully embedded in a glass packaging this blush is absolutely for those who love that barbie pink colour and you all know by now that I absolutely adore says BOYFRIEND on the actual Blush...

The blush itself is very light and you only need small amount to achieve those Rosy pink cheeks.its not too powdery and does not give a chalky feeling and contains no shimmer.

This actually belongs to the limited edition from Essence "Beauty Beats" And I found it while randomly browsing at Priceline for only $2.00.

So that's it for today I'm off to the city with my hubby dear...hope you enjoy the new post...

If anyone else would like to start the "Cheaper Tuesdays" than do let me know it will be fun to see what you guys come up with...

Bye for now 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal VS Modelsprefer Infinite Colour Eye Pencil Review

When Maybelline launched The Colossal Kajal in Turquoise I was dying to get my hands onto it however I could not straight away since it was launched in India and not here.So I decided to visit priceline to see if they had something similar and they actually did however not by Maybelline instead by Modelsprefer.

I already have The Colossal Kajal in Black and I adore it to bits so I expected the same from the Turquoise.Few weeks ago my mummy dear came over and she got me this Turquoise Kajal all the way from India so now I have the original The Colossal and the dupe by Modelsprefer.For those of you who have been wanting to try the Colossal you can now try a dupe which is the Infinite Colour Eye Pencil In Teal Maybe by Models Prefer.

Maybelline The colossal kajal claims to be smudge free for 12 hrs where the Infinite By MP says to last 14 hours pretty awesome Right...

Maybelline (L)-Modelsprefer (R)

The Colossal is slightly darker than the MP but both contains shimmer.The one by Maybelline is in a twist up pencil where the MP one needs to be sharpened.

I found the Mp one to be easy to apply it glides on easily without making mess but the Colossal is brittle and the tip of the pencil keeps on breaking which is bit weird because I do have it in black and I have no such problems with that kajal.

The staying power is great for both and lasted for about good 12 hour period on different occasions without smudging.

I highly recommend both of these but if you can't get the colossal the Mp is a smart replacement for that.

Price For ModelsPrefer Infinite Colour Eye Pencil In Teal $9.99.
Availability:- Priceline

Price For The Colossal In India $249 Rs. Approximately $5 In AUD.

Have You Heard Of The Colossal Kajal In Turquoise By Maybelline?

This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening & Tone-Correcting Serum Review

On my way back home from New Zealand I picked up Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone-Correcting Serum and as the name says it all its an organic serum for those wanting to brighten up there skin and correcting the skin tone.

I have had it for a while now and I just wanted to share the pro's and con's of this with you guys.Made in the land of kiwi's this serum is for people like me with sensitive skin.It claims to start showing results in 5 days.

What is it?

A water based serum to help correct dull blemished or uneven skin while restoring essential moisture with Waiwera mineral water (Apparently its the world's best water).Scientifically validated vinanza performance plus helps minimise facial redness and discolouration.

I'm not perfect by any means especially my face,, since having my son I have ended up with a lot of minor scarring due to melasma and hormone changes.My main problem are light melasma on my forehead,scarring under my right eye and again old scarring under my nose also old but slight pigmentation on my nose..You see I'm full of imperfections and don't like to hide them all the time and to make it worse I also have dry and sensitive skin..

Antipodes is well trusted brand so I did not really mind spending money on to this without reading any reviews.I started to use it day and night only 1-2 drops for the entire face,gently patting and it disappears into my skin in no time and at the beginning for the first five days it sadly did nothing to my face as it claims to start showing changes in 5 days.I also feel very dry on my face straight after patting this serum on my skin.

I still carried on with this serum day and night and after using for about 15 days it started to clear up my face making it look more brighter,smoother and nicely toned.I have been using it regularly for about good few weeks and I can now see my melasma and scarring under my right eye is almost at the fading stage however the pigmentation on my nose and the old scarring under my nose is still there,slightly lighter but still visible and noticeable.

The 30ml serum bottle has a dropper for easy applying and the product itself is light in consistency and kind of dark brown in colour.I'm personally not a fond of the scent as it almost smells like some medication I always hated to take when I was little.

It works
Great For Skin Brightening and new scars 

Feels very Dry Straight After Patting it onto my face
Did Not Work In First 5 Days
Scent Can Be An Issue
Very Slow To Show Results On Old Old Scarring.


I still think its a great product for skin brightening,discoloration as well as to correct minor scarring/pigmentation but might not work for the old one's.For the price I paid I had high expectations from this but once again some of my scarring and pigmentation are more than almost 8 years old.I have been using it for just over 5 weeks now and I still have some product left in the bottle.I will keep on using it until Its all gone and will update if there are any further changes.

Will I buy it?

Have you heard of this serum before?
This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Maybelline Haul

Halo everyone, 
How ya all doing?

Today I went for a lunch with a Friend and after lunch I went straight to Priceline which was just cross the road and guess what was on half 1/2 price.....MAYBELLINE😃 

I have been wanting to try Maybelline Fit Me Stick  for quite a while now and I just could not be bothered trying this little sister of Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick so today I finally fell for it and bought 2 instead of for contouring and one for just regular foundation YAY...

I also picked up Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer in Fair/Light for my good old under eye circles they are very light but I still have them so for that reason I'm going to try this much raved magic wand...

To take a full advantage of 1/2 price I also got my hands on to the New Super Stay Better Skin Foundation for only $10.97 instead of $21.95,,,I'm super excited to try this tomorrow.The shade I have is Sun Beige,,I also tried Golden and Fawn buttttt they were way too pinkish for my skin tone,,,

So that's all I got and I love love love all of these products already and just can't wait to try them soooonnn

Maybelline is on 1/2 price at Priceline till Monday 25th August

Show me your haul if you went shopping today,,,

Ok I'm off to La La land,,,Talk Soon...

Good Night Angels 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review of Perfumes By Saigon Cosmetics

With Spring not being far away I decided to share some of the perfumes that will come in very handy and won't break your bank from Saigon Cosmetics.SC is a brand well know in Asian Markets and has there perfume and body products proudly available for us Aussie's at an affordable prices.There Perfume Demonstrates the fusion of long tradition of French Perfumery and Heritage with the inspiration and endeavour of Vietnamese People.

I have 2 full size perfumes and 5 sample vials to share with you guys today.

Fantasy Purple EDP RRP $14.00 18ml

An absolutely mind blowing fragrance I'm so glad to have this in my collection of perfumes.This belongs to the Fantasy range featuring Citrus as a top note and it does bursts of citruses and lavender as soon as you fire the bottle.Rich in Citrus this perfume also contains Jasmine,lily and lavender as middle note.It has an instant refreshing effect and in coming months when the weather will start to change I can see myself craving for it.To make it a perfect little bottle of perfume it also features wood and musk as base note for it to be used in winter as well as summer.

Fantasy purple and Mariana 

Mariana No.18 EDP RRP $14.00 18 ml

Mariana is a floral EDP but with slightly stronger accent representing Bergamot,Green Notes and Strawberry,,,Initially it has a wonderful floral explosion while green notes over the angel's patchouli freshen the perfume and lift it from patchouli's muskiness,,, Just wait a while until honey,Jasmine and lily hits in taking you right to the valley of flower land settling peacefully right into your skin leaving behind amber,vanilla and caramel to linger around for the rest of the day.A great perfume for everyday use to lift up your spirit and makes you feel good.

Both perfumes are travel friendly

I also received 5 samples that I got to choose and order online.3 ml vials costing $2 each and the 5 samples I got are:-

Miss Vietnam Hanoi Platinum (N29) Floral,Crisp,Citrus Fruity $99 For 35 ml
A must have perfume has floral scent I absolutely adore this sample and the actual porcelain bottle of this perfume is hand painted, super adorable featuring Northern Vietnam's traditional dress Áo tứ thân and representing the elegance,warmth,subtle smile and hospitality of Northern Vietnam.

De Andre Charming Kiss (N3) Soft Floral,Classical RRP $79.00 for 50 ml
Another highly recommended perfume especially made for elegant and spirited young women in love containing sweet mimose,roses,carnations,ylang-yland,powdery chalk and wood flavour.

Cindy No.2 Oriental,Classical RRP 27 For 100 ml
An oriental classic perfume containing citrus and neroli with a hint of spice and sweetness is perfect for those who don't mind the spiciness of the clove.

Diana Spring (N27) Floral,Crisp and Green RRP 25 For 50 ml
Since the spring is not far away this perfume has the citrus and green notes perfect for those beautiful days coming ahead.

Sabrina Sea Breeze (N1) Floral Oriental,Fresh and Citrus Fruity RRP $15 For 135 ml
A body spray with pure essential oils and see salt is great for the warmer days to come.Anise,Coriander and Fruits Notes are the top notes for this affordable gem.

The 3 ml vials came with enough piece of information for me to see what the fragrance contain and are great for those of you who like to try perfume/s before spending money on them especially online.They also have 2 location available in victoria if you like to try them in person you can check them out here.

Shipping was easy and fast,I received my parcel the very next day after receiving a tracking email which I think is super quick.

The SC Website is easy to use and has a fragrance wheel as well as composition to make life a bit easier to navigate to the exact perfume you are after.SC stock perfumes for both women and men which is great considering fathers day is not so far away if you are looking for what to give your dad or just as a gift to your man.They also have gift sets available if you need one for your friends or even just for yourself.

You can explore more about SC products here.

What do you think of these perfumes everyone?What is your favorite perfume?
**Products were kindly provided for my consideration.All opinions are my own,100% genuine and uninfluenced.

Friday, 8 August 2014

NYX Madeleines And Macaroons Eyeshadow Palette Review

When NYX first arrived at Target I went crazy and bought so many things before they went out the window...Madeleines and Macaroons from Love in Paris Collection by NYX inspired by the city of love Paris was one of the palette I have always wanted to get so as soon as I saw this I wasted no time and grabbed it without even swatching the shades,,,

The palette comes with 9 gorgeous shades and the packaging is super simple and sleek with a little bow sitting at the opening,,It also comes with a little eyeshadow brush but I don't use these kind of brushes,,,too small for me to work with...

Moving on to the shades the palette is more on a neutral side containing light,dark and shimmery shades to create smokey eye or even just a natural and day look.

Three of the shades are slightly shimmery and the rest are all matte.Most of the shadows included in this palette are nicely pigmented except the two which is the lightest pink and almost white requiring a base I use eyeshadow base by NYX when using this palette.

First 3 shades are from upper row of the palette starting from left sorry my camera would not pick the first almost white shade and next 3 shades are from the 2nd row and rest belongs to the bottom row.

The staying power is great and lasted me all day during my recent trip to the city,,The only thing I want to point out is the fallout of shimmers but using a wet brush this problem was solved too.

Price $16.95


Cruelty Free

It's a great travel friendly palette for everyday use and also comes in Merci Beaucoup,Be Our Guest Maurice,Parisan Church,Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Do you have this palette by NYX?

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Boe Beauty Review

A while back I came across boe beauty while I was doing some shopping at Big W.My local Big W had very limited no of products from BB.They only had the products that I picked up in the same shade/color.I wanted to get there eye liner and lip crayons but no I was not lucky enough but anyways here is everything I got.

Let's talk about the Bronzer first I have it in #3 Tropez I have only used it for couple of times for contouring and its great for that purpose since its a non shimmering powder and goes well with my complexion.

#91 Pink Goddess Blush Powder Initially I found this to be bit powdery and chalky but lately I have been using it with Real Techniques Multi Tasking Brush and it seems to be working well with that.I wish If they had more shades available in this.

 I also got one eyeshadow duo palette.There isn't any name or no available on the packaging for this duo but the two colours included are light Pistachio and brown. 

Lipstick,Brozing Powder,Blush

Lipstick is the only product I'm not happy with if you look at the picture the color looks very bright from the outer packaging but when I swatched it on my arm it's actually very sheer and kind of a light pink which I'm not happy with.I'm not sure if it's only this one lipstick that I got or all others in this shade are the same if it makes sense....I wish if they had testers available which they did not.I have it in #3 Perfect Pink.

Everything retails at $2 so for that price everything is very cheap and super affordable for those on tight budget.

Have you heard of BB? What do you think if the quality of there product?

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own and 100% genuine.

The SunFlower Blogger Award

Hey Guys,
Sorry for being so quite...last few days have been really hectic for me due to everyone being unwell at home but now I'm back to blogging and looking forward to get back into the routine.

I would like to thank beautiful JACKIE  from tifi11 for nominating me for THE SUNFLOWER AWARD.She has a great sense for fashion and beauty and occasionally share healthy recipes,, I highly recommend checking out her blog.

The rules:
Share 11 Fact about yourself
Answer the question set by the blogger that nominated you
Nominate bloggers
Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

11 Facts about Me

I love pink colour so much that I even drive a pink car...
I Absolutely love shopping online or in store it does not matter...
I once went through a stage of very "less talking and not listening" believe me I annoyed the hell out of some people...
I come from a family where everyone is either serving in army or police force...
I'm super lazy when it comes to exercise...
I lost all my pregnancy weight without moving a thing I call myself lucky for that...
I love talking OMG ask my Hubby...
I have never owned a pet but I would like to one day...
Almost 10 years ago I came to australia on my own I knew no one here and prior to that I had never travelled anywhere not even to school without any company,,,BRAVO...
I only have one friend left in real life who is also my best friend MAGGIE...and thats another part of reason I write a blog and so far I have met pretty amazing bloggers who are also great people.
I'm a Biggest fan of Jamie Oliver...

Question Asked By Jackie
1-What are your expectation for your blog?
Blogging is fun and keeps me busy on my free days,I enjoy playing with makeup and would like to keep on sharing what I like with my readers.I don't have too much expectations at this stage as I only write to keep myself entertain.

2- What topics you prefer to read?
Mostly beauty/fashion/motherhood related.

3- If you were at the mall and have one choice,
 what would you buy clothes or makeup?

4- Favorite Movie of 2014?
Punjab 1984 An indian/punjabi movie..

5- Which you prefer yogurt or ice cream?
Ice cream..

6- Your favorite hobbie?
Swathing makeup products lol

7- Do you get intimidated by others?

My Nominees 

I nominate Everyone reading this post please feel free to do the facts/questions and leave me a comment once you have done I would love to read.

My Questions To The Nominees

Why do you blog?
Where are you from?
Where do you see your blog in next few years time?
Pink or Purple?
Heels or Flats?
Do you have a pet?
Your dream holiday destination?

Enjoy Everyone..
Once again Thank You jackie for nominating me.