Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cheaper Tuesdays #2

Recently Kmart made some changes in there beauty section and introduced few new brands to us customers.I picked up few lipsticks from an "Unknown Brand".You might be thinking Why I'm calling it Unknown? Well because there is no brand name written on the actual packaging.It only says "Moisturising Lips" which does not sound like a brand name so now I really wonder if it's Kmart's own brand but for now it remains "Unknown Brand" for me...

Now on to the lipsticks I saw these on INSTAGRAM and could not believe how many times I have actually seen these but never thought of buying these lippies..but I finally did now and not just 1,2, or 3 I got 4...

Yah I'm a lipstick hoarder a typical lipstick collector really.The Lipsticks I picked up are 

Deep Rouge
Red Hot 

I only got dark shades because they go well with my skin.The lipsticks are highly pigmented and will leave a stain behind after being wiped off.

All the lippies I have gives semi matte finish except The Wildberry that has satin finish and does need a touch up quite often.

The staying power is only around 4 hours of all of these lippies.The Magenta felt slightly dry on my lips but the others were quite moisturising.

On to the packaging,As you can see they come in a tinted glass packaging which I don't prefer since it's hard to see the actual colour of the lipstick and there were no testers available so I just had to gamble and take my picks.

Also I would like to point it out that the lipstick itself is a bit wobbly I mean all of them but nothing scary I guess you get what you paid for.

For $2 each It's a great steal.

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  1. That actually sounds quite decent! Maybe I need to do another Kmart trip soon...

  2. I want the the colors are perfect.

  3. These sound pretty dece for the price! Might have to check out the shades. I hate the changes Kmart made to their beauty section though, the fact that there are no testers annoys me so much!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Wow that magenta is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, they sound great for $2 :)

  5. $2 that's great! I think the packagin could be better though. I like the Deep Rouge one because I kind of want an orange lipstick now!


  6. Awesome colours and they are really cheap....... Would love to try the moisturising lips in wildberry.

  7. For $2 these are HOTTTTT! Look at the shades so darn pretty. xx

  8. The colour payoff looks great! I never been to K-mart...*shakes head at Canada*

    Macarons and Mischief

  9. They look amazing!!
    Unfortunately, in Peru we only have crappy (and very expensive) supermarkets u____u

  10. Amazing Blog. I Love Australia ! You´re so happy that you live there <3
    Want to follow eachother? Maybe you like my blog too.
    Let me know if you followed me I will follow you right back :)
    Love, rabeasbeautytipps.blogspot.de

  11. Hey there! I was recently nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” and love your blog so much that I want to nominate you :)


  12. love the colors!


  13. These lipsticks look good, its a steal for only2$, I will check it at Kmart