Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review of Perfumes By Saigon Cosmetics

With Spring not being far away I decided to share some of the perfumes that will come in very handy and won't break your bank from Saigon Cosmetics.SC is a brand well know in Asian Markets and has there perfume and body products proudly available for us Aussie's at an affordable prices.There Perfume Demonstrates the fusion of long tradition of French Perfumery and Heritage with the inspiration and endeavour of Vietnamese People.

I have 2 full size perfumes and 5 sample vials to share with you guys today.

Fantasy Purple EDP RRP $14.00 18ml

An absolutely mind blowing fragrance I'm so glad to have this in my collection of perfumes.This belongs to the Fantasy range featuring Citrus as a top note and it does bursts of citruses and lavender as soon as you fire the bottle.Rich in Citrus this perfume also contains Jasmine,lily and lavender as middle note.It has an instant refreshing effect and in coming months when the weather will start to change I can see myself craving for it.To make it a perfect little bottle of perfume it also features wood and musk as base note for it to be used in winter as well as summer.

Fantasy purple and Mariana 

Mariana No.18 EDP RRP $14.00 18 ml

Mariana is a floral EDP but with slightly stronger accent representing Bergamot,Green Notes and Strawberry,,,Initially it has a wonderful floral explosion while green notes over the angel's patchouli freshen the perfume and lift it from patchouli's muskiness,,, Just wait a while until honey,Jasmine and lily hits in taking you right to the valley of flower land settling peacefully right into your skin leaving behind amber,vanilla and caramel to linger around for the rest of the day.A great perfume for everyday use to lift up your spirit and makes you feel good.

Both perfumes are travel friendly

I also received 5 samples that I got to choose and order online.3 ml vials costing $2 each and the 5 samples I got are:-

Miss Vietnam Hanoi Platinum (N29) Floral,Crisp,Citrus Fruity $99 For 35 ml
A must have perfume has floral scent I absolutely adore this sample and the actual porcelain bottle of this perfume is hand painted, super adorable featuring Northern Vietnam's traditional dress Γo tα»© thΓ’n and representing the elegance,warmth,subtle smile and hospitality of Northern Vietnam.

De Andre Charming Kiss (N3) Soft Floral,Classical RRP $79.00 for 50 ml
Another highly recommended perfume especially made for elegant and spirited young women in love containing sweet mimose,roses,carnations,ylang-yland,powdery chalk and wood flavour.

Cindy No.2 Oriental,Classical RRP 27 For 100 ml
An oriental classic perfume containing citrus and neroli with a hint of spice and sweetness is perfect for those who don't mind the spiciness of the clove.

Diana Spring (N27) Floral,Crisp and Green RRP 25 For 50 ml
Since the spring is not far away this perfume has the citrus and green notes perfect for those beautiful days coming ahead.

Sabrina Sea Breeze (N1) Floral Oriental,Fresh and Citrus Fruity RRP $15 For 135 ml
A body spray with pure essential oils and see salt is great for the warmer days to come.Anise,Coriander and Fruits Notes are the top notes for this affordable gem.

The 3 ml vials came with enough piece of information for me to see what the fragrance contain and are great for those of you who like to try perfume/s before spending money on them especially online.They also have 2 location available in victoria if you like to try them in person you can check them out here.

Shipping was easy and fast,I received my parcel the very next day after receiving a tracking email which I think is super quick.

The SC Website is easy to use and has a fragrance wheel as well as composition to make life a bit easier to navigate to the exact perfume you are after.SC stock perfumes for both women and men which is great considering fathers day is not so far away if you are looking for what to give your dad or just as a gift to your man.They also have gift sets available if you need one for your friends or even just for yourself.

You can explore more about SC products here.

What do you think of these perfumes everyone?What is your favorite perfume?
**Products were kindly provided for my consideration.All opinions are my own,100% genuine and uninfluenced.


  1. Haven't tried them yet, but they sure look gorgeous!
    Have a lovely tuesday dear <3

    isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

  2. Haven't tried them yet, but they sure look gorgeous!
    I love the package!

    Have a lovely tuesday dear <3

    isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

  3. A travel friendly perfume is a must-have <3 Thanks for the review.


    1. They are really light weight and can be carried easily in your everyday bag πŸ˜ƒ

  4. They sound light thats a good thing because I like light scent.

    1. My nose is too sensitive too but these are absolutely worth trying x

  5. Hey Varinder, after reading your brilliant post AND Gemma's, I've ordered some of the samples@ Had a very hard time making the choices, but I'm really excited and can't wait to find out what they smell like ♥

  6. It's always my pleasure to see your name on my page kat πŸ˜ƒ
    And I'm so glad that Gemma and my post was helpful for you
    The are great perfume for sure and you will love them πŸ˜ƒ
    Would love to see what you ordered

  7. I love the pictures and the way you diplayed the products!

    Much love xxx

  8. I love your photos and review!!! Thanks for describing the olfactive puramid of the scents, I appreciate it a lot :)))


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