Thursday, 11 September 2014

Innoxa Super Smooth Lip Liner Review

 Sometimes, before I swipe my lipstick I line my lips with a lip liner because I don't have perfect looking pouts and a matching lip liner just seem to even out the edges of my lips..but As much I love Lipsticks 
there are days when I don't have patience to put a lipstick on especially the darker ones you know some days applying lipstick can be very messy if you are not having a good day...

On lazy days,I would line my lips and fill them in with the choice of my lip liner and that's it or if I want to make it look more fancy I would also glide on a layer of a lip gloss and move on...

Two of my recent Favorites are the INOXXA Neutral and Ruby Red.Innoxa was founded in France and has been available in Australia for a long long time now.Innoxa has a wide range of not just makeup products but also skin care,Fragrance,Toiletries and so on.

Neutral,Ruby Red

Neutral looks nice only during the day just feel like it makes me look pale if I wear it by itself at night.Ruby Red is perfect for Day and Night both.

Application goes on nice and smoothly and gives an instant matte look.One swipe is enough for nude lips for the ones who prefer nudie nudes with Neutral.

The staying power is for about good 5 hours without Eating/Drinking

The Goods

Retractable Packaging 
Contains Vitamin C an E
Cruelty Free
Easily Available 
No Need to sharpen the Liner 

The Bads
Slightly Expensive $17.95 each 

Comes in 4 shades 
Dusty Rose
Mocha Rush
Ruby Red

Online Here and Priceline

Do you use Liner and do you use it on it's own?

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  1. Great review as always Varinder. Lovely shade. :)

  2. Very pretty shades..loved both n..great review dear :*

  3. The shades are amazing enjoy your weekend doll.

  4. Your blog is absolutely lovely. I love the colours and your photos. Take care x


  5. Your photography is so beautiful. You make the product look lovely. They are slightly on the pricey side but I'd totally invest in them. They almost look like twist-up lipstick available in Avon. Lovely post.

  6. Excellent blog post! Beautiful colours too :)
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  7. I love your blog and I did follow it <3 Keep blogging, you deserve some more views!

  8. a beautiful post, loved it, good products, did not know them

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  9. Great review Varinder! Though expensive yet worth buying! ^_^

    Have a lovely week ahead :)

  10. since i tried innoxas' mascara, I am quite impressed by their product... might give this a testnext time i'm at priceline

  11. I'm so lazy to apply lipstick on, that is why I normally stick to just lip gloss or very neutral colors that I can put on really quickly and go. The two lip pens you show here are lovely though and def help a lot when making your lip lines more defined. I will give them a try! Thanks for sharing. I’m loving your blog! So I’m following you on Bloglovin and G+! I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch and let me know if you would like to follow each other through other media too ☺



  12. Lip liners are nice as long as they dnt tug the lips.. wud top it with a lip gloss.. loved the shades n nice review :))

  13. Love the Pigmentation(☆∀☆)
    Following you dear.