Monday, 1 September 2014

Memebox Luckybox #9 Review

How was your weekend Everyone?

Can you believe Spring is here? It's been raining all day and after having those beautiful sunny days we are back to cold freezing days,,,grrrr,,,

Spring is my favourite season of the year,,, it's my birthday coming up this month but before that yoyo is also turning 2 this week,,,and few more birthdays are around the corner,,but for now I can't wait to see the sun shinning again,,,

Anyways Today's post is on Memebox #9 I finally got it after been waiting for a while and I could not be more happier to see the contents of this box,,,

Do you want to guess how much I paid for this box??? Please do...

Memebox Luckybox #9 offer only the must have items from previous Luckyboxes and Memeboxes.

The Skin House Pore Control Powder Serum 50ml $28

It's a liquid serum but the product looks like it has some undissolved powder inside.The product claims to immediately tighten and minimize enlarged pores for a smooth matte skin texture.It also prevents skin's oil/moisture imbalanced by maintaining its silky soft.I'm super happy to receive this full size bottle and can't wait to put this through test.

I Belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser 70g $24

excuse my hand,,I have done a lot of gardening lately with hubby...without wearing gloves..

This is a powder type face cleanser and I must say I have never ever used a powder face cleanser before so I cant wait to finish my current cleanser and give this a go.How weird looking is the product itself? almost grainy like rice eh? Macadamia and Olive Oil is included in this cleanser to protect and hydrate the skin.It works as vitamin parts burst onto the skin with granol particles rubbing away all skin residues and impurities..Sounds perfect for the coming dry and warm weather..

Bocians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 15ml $24

This is a whitening spot cream enriched with various fermented extracts and hyaluronic acids which hydrates skin and improve the skin elasticity.Another product that looks and sounds promising.It says to apply on spots with fine lines and wrinkles.I can finely spot fine lines on my forehead now and this will come in handy because the product that I have been using for fine line isn't doing much.

Recipe By Nature Spray Essence Water 140ml $35

I have so much love for the bottles like this,,clear and simple.This Spray Essence water is enriched with celtic water and whistler glacial mineral water to enhance the skin.To be used after cleansing the face.I''m slightly lazy when it comes spraying products like this on my face..Don't know why..But we will see.

Awesome Aqua Whip Foam Cleanser 1g x 2ea & Aqua Gel Cream 1g x 2ea

I have gathered so many sample sachets and this will go in that pile.Sachets like these are perfect for travelling.

Y.E.T don't Worry MAsk Sheet 23ml x 1ea

A mask enriched with Aloe,Green tea,Lemon,Cucumber,Cacao and Honey to target specific beauty concerns such as soothing,whitening,moisturising,pore care,wrinkle care and oil control.Uffff,,, so many solutions in one mask but I really wish if there were more than one mask in this know one mask is never enough.

So thats it I'm extremely happy with this box since all of the products included in this box will be used wisely.

I love Korean products.They are not just promising and great quality products but also most of them have cute packaging.Overall,Great box again.

So Have you figured out how much I paid for this box?

$15 yes only $15 I used some code found over the net so it came down to $15 including super fast shipping.

Have you heard of Memebox and 
Did you order this box? 

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  1. I have seen many beauty boxes but this one always contains really nice and unique products! That powered face cleanser looks so tempting! :D

    Have a blessed day :)

  2. That pore powder looks great. Wish I could lay my hands on it....

  3. Great products! Have a blessed week Beautiful. :)

  4. Hi dear! Beautiful post,your blog it’s gorgeous! <3
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    I follow you on GFC,can you follow me back? :)

  5. Love the look of memeboxes! I think korean brands make some amazing stuff. That powder cleanser looks so interesting. I really enjoy power exfoliators so it'll be interesting to see how they work as cleansers.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames