Friday, 3 October 2014

Cheaper Tuesdays

If you are regular visitor here on my blog than you already know that I'm obsessed with Colette Haymen's products.Recently I went to buy a necklace after seeing so many girls wearing them in pretty bright or pastels colours.I'm genuinely not into jewellery that will have to hang around my neck but for a change I thought I will buy at least one.As soon as I walked in CH had 70% off on some of the jewellery only. So as you can see I ended up buying 3 instead of one but but,,,,my favourite is the gold one with little diamonds lined up underneath the necklace line....

I can see myself wearing it soon I paid I guess $6 for it after the discount.Bargain,,,,,
For the other two I paid around $7-8 for both.

I also bought an ear cuff for $2.

Than as soon as I laid my eyes on to this Black handbag I was sold and picked up this last piece for $49.95 again pretty cheap...I don't mind paying anything for CH bags because they are great quality products and much better than any other handbag shop around where I live.The other thing I really like about her bags is that that are really spacious I can carry anything in this particular bag especially if I'm traveling with YOYO...

That's all I got.Enough for this week don't you think....

What have you bought recently everyone?

Not a sponsored post.I paid my hubby's hard earned $$ for all the items listed above.


  1. I want that bag OMG *___*
    And that jewelry is awesome ^___^

  2. Beautiful handbag :) Super necklaces :)

    I'm following your blog now . I will be glad if you observe my blog :)

  3. Those necklaces are super pretty and i loved the handbag,, wud love to see ur pics sporting those necklaces xoxo

  4. The neckpieces are awesome. I love them and want to own all.
    Love and Hugs.

  5. Love this Blog
    I'm following you :)

  6. OMG .. it is perfect! Great!

  7. I've never had a bag from CH before - I might have to pop in for a look!

  8. Love all the gold necklaces you bought! I agree with you, the bag looks so comfy for traveling ;) Nice purchase! I think I'm gonna need a new bag too :P