Friday, 3 October 2014

NYX Shine Killer Review

As soon as the sun starts to shine in summer my T-Zone starts to shine as well.Generally speaking I have dry skin really dry but in summer my t-zone drive me really crazy.Last summer when I was desperately looking for something to kill my shinning nose I invested in NYX shine killer...

"Professional Potion to eliminate the look of oil and shine so face stays matte and fresh all day long"

The packaging is simple and clean I love the black and white combination of a NYX products but the only thing is that I can't really tell how much product is left inside since it's not see through.The product itself has a clear thick gel type consistency very similar to Elf Face primer that I mentioned here.It even feels the same as Elf Primer on my face.

I have used it as a base and on its own and both time My face stayed matte for only around 3 hours after applying this generously on my face.I really like how My foundation glides on really easily like it normally would after applying any silicone based primer but after few hours hours it feels like the makeup on my t-zone starts to slide off which is extremely disappointed to me as it's small 20ml tube worth of $21.95 and I don't consider it cheap.

I have applied this shine killer quite a few times now and It only managed to control the oil on my t-zone for very minimal hours otherwise I did not see much difference on my face while using this product.

Repurchase No.

Have your seen/used NYX Shine Killer? What are your thoughts ?

This is not a sponsored post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


  1. Really nice review sweetie, loving your blog!
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  2. Great post ;)

  3. Great review ! I wish we have in my country NYX products :)
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  4. Oh wow this is the first for me to hear about the product, sound like a quick first but wont last long impressive review.

  5. I've tried this a few times and didn't mind it, although I agree it doesn't last too long! xx

  6. Never heard or used this product before. Great review, Beautiful! :-)

  7. Since I have oily skin I easily start looking like a light bulb in few hours.. Lol.. i love this product.. thanks for reviewing xo