Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Spring Tag!

I was recently tagged by The Beautiful and Adorable Basmah From Lace and Lattes for the Spring Tag.I l absolutely love her blog if you have not checked it out yet I highly recommend you all to pay her blog a visit.

My Q/A

What's your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or another coffee shop?

Let's me tell you honestly I don't like Starbucks I really don't.I don't know why people are crazy about SB.I feel like they don't really have anything exciting that suits my taste so I'll rather stick to my Cold Hot Chocolate.

Accessories - What do you opt for, sandals, floppy hats, flower crowns?

Definitely Sandals,Flats or Flip Flops.I absolutely hate wearing shoes on daily basis I actually can't wear them for long hours.I like anything with open toe flats,sandals and thongs.I'm not a fan of hats and I have never actually worn one lol...flower crowns No I have passed that stage now I'm actually pretty boring.

Music - What's your favorite music to listen to during Spring?

Nothing special I do like to play a lot of Indian music than the western.My music taste stay the same regardless of what season we are in.

Perfume - What's your favorite scent for this time of year?

I have been lazy with buying new perfumes this year because I have quite a few that I need to use up first but I do like this from SC perfume.I once had very similar perfume that I used to use everyday but now this is a replacement for the spring.In addition to this I also like Modern Muse Body Lotion By Estée Lauder.

Candles - What scents will you be burning this season?

I used to be so obsessed with candles that once I enrolled myself into 4 hour candle making class.I drove for 2 hours in a 40 degree temperature and by the time I reached the destination I felt like I turned into a melted candle if you know what I mean.I don't have any candles left but the last one I had was from Ikea.

What do you love most about Spring?

I feel more energetic when the weather starts to change and the fact that the days are longer than the nights I get to do plenty of things during the day.

What are you looking forward to most in Spring? 

Shorts and Singlets and less makeup. I'm not a winter lover and I hate layering up so shorts and singlets or skirts and floral dresses for me.I like to keep my makeup really light during this time so some of my favorites that I'm looking forward to use more are 

I tag 
Beepsa From Glows and Blushes
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And everyone else reading this post.So that's it for today I love love love spring and warm weather and so looking forward to the full summer.

If you do the tag ladies please let me know ladies.

Happy Monday 


  1. nice choices!

  2. So fun to read and love that you like less makeup in spring, we are so with you!!

    xx 365hangers

  3. Those sandals are so cute! I really like this tag.. and wow, you're the first person I know who doesn't like Starbucks.. but that's ok, people have different tastes :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  4. Absolutely loved reading this Varinder! It wasn't boring at all like you mentioned haha! I remember having a sniff of Modern Muse at Myer and I fell in love with it, you reminded me to add it to my wishlist! x