Thursday, 12 February 2015

Loreal Colour Riche Collection

Loreal just launched nude shades collaborative with Frieda Pinto,Eva,jLo,Doutzen,Julianne in there Color Riche Limited Collection.The shades are pretty nudes and are available only in 5 shades below..

Peach Pink by Eva
Mauve Tint by Frieda
Hint of Pink by Doutzen
Greige Glow by JLo
Rosewood Beige By Julianne 


I picked up Peach Pink by Eva and Mauve Tint by Frieda both being completely different shades to each other.

I really wish if these were matte than glossy because they wear off really easily.In less than 2 hours I had to touch up with both lipstick on two different ocassions.I also found these to be leaving my lips feeling dry once they wear off.

Mauve Tint is collaborative with Frieda Pinto a well known Model and Actress.This has to be my favourite and it sits perfectly with my dark skin tone.The lipsticks contains a slight hint of shimmer that I'm not really a fan of but at the same time it does not really bother me.

Freda/Eva (no filter)

Collaborative with Eva Longoria this is pretty opaque and has a golden touch.While it has a creamy finish it is also very drying after it wears off in less than 2 hours which is extremely annoying as these cost $21.95 each.

I like the black and gold light weight luxurious packaging and the replica signatures of an individual actress/model gives a personal touch to the packaging.The small clip on one side of the lipstick keeps the lipstick intact after closing the cap.

I found the scent to be slightly overpowering and I honestly if loreal would cut down the fragrance of there lipsticks which lingures around for most of the day would be awesome.

I like most of the shades but my favourite is by Frieda for sure.I wish they were bit cheaper here in oz considering they only last for short period of time.

Loreal also Launched Matching Le Vernis Nail Polish range  but I decided not to get those as I'm not really not a nail polish fan.


What do you guys think of the new nude collection by Loreal?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Garnier Perfect Blur5 Sec Review

Few months ago I saw this Garnier Perfect 5 sec smoothing Base Perfector at priceline and could not resist to buy it since I'm always looking for a great Base product to go under my makeup.My main concern is the scarring under my right eye that most people say they can't see it until I tell them about it but I know it's there it's right there annoying me all the time.

I like the tube packaging of this product that really makes it easy to dispense the amount of product I want to use.I only use small amount to go all over on my face before I apply my foundation and I must tell you one thing that it does not blur anything in 5 seconds which I don't like about this product since it makes a claim to blur the sign of aging,wrinkles,pores and imperfections and shine in 5 seconds.

No it's does not blur anything instantly especially my biggest imperfection under my Right eye.However it takes a while let's say good 5 minutes to slightly blur the scarring but I have not been able to see any other visible difference.It works great in disappearing the pores though and feels pretty much like Benefit's POREfessional in terms of product consistency.Its very light weight and does not feel greasy after applying it under the makeup.I use it pretty much with any of my foundations.

On a positive note it's great if you have oily skin or T-zone like me.It instantly gives a smooth and matte looking face by controlling the oil.It can also be worn on its own or under the makeup.

I would definitely call this a dupe of Benefit's POREfessional and the great thing is you only pay $16.99 for this 22ml tube and it does last for almost a month if you are using it on regular basis.

Overall it's a perfect base product to achieve smooth base and to minimize the appearance of pores but I can't really comment on how it works on wrinkles since I don't have any at this stage.

Availability Priceline

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

This is not a sponsored Post.All opinions are my own and 100% genuine.

Rimmel London Provocalips Review

Sorry everyone for being so quite if you follow me on Instagram than you already know that I have just got married last month and was super busy organizing our Aussie wedding and settling into our new home but for now I'm back and will be writing as usual.

As Valentines Day is approaching fast I thought I'll share with you the Kiss Proof Provocalips range from Rimmel London that are perfect for the Lover's day especially if you are and about till late at night as these last for super long hours.

I have all 8 shades 

No Filter from L-R

700 Skinny Dipping
730 Make Your Move 
500 Kiss me You Fool
550 Play With Fire
230 Kiss Fatal
310 Little Minx
200 I'll call you
110 Dare To Pink

The lipgloss has 2 sides one being the coloured and the other side is clear glossy one.

To apply:- I use the colored lipgloss first,wait 60 seconds for it to dry and than swipe clear gloss on top of it and done.

I found these to be super light and wearable and the darker shades last almost 14 hours and the lighter been pretty much the same but the lighter shades need at least 2 coats where the darker one's only require one swipe.I prefer the darker shades especially Kiss me You Fool, Little Minx and Play With Fire as you know how much I adore bright colours.

I have tried these with and without the gloss and I must say these colours definitely needs the gloss otherwise I feel my lips become very dry.The gloss does not feel sticky compare to some of the others I have used in past from a different brand.

The are nicely pigmented and won't leave a stain as they are fully kiss proof and food proof.

To remove the colour I use a drop of coconut oil, rub it gently until the colour starts to come off properly and rinse it off following by a lip balm.

Overall I pretty much like all the shades and of course the cute packaging but would highly recommend trying the darker ones.

Price $17.95 Each
Availability Priceline/Chemist Warehouse

Have you tried these and What do you think of this range from Rimmel?